Tuesday, 29 October 2013

365 Days In Nature - October 2013

31/10 Day 304 - Pretty clouds at sunset.

30/10 Day 303 - A happy little frangipani after last night's rain.

29/10 Day 302 - The sun fighting its way through ominous looking clouds. Maybe today's the day we'll get our promised storm! Crossing everything!!

28/10 Day 301 - A pretty weed in our side lawn!

27/10 Day 300 - I was out enjoying the fresh air, blue skies, clouds and jacarandas early this morning to finish off the Relay For Life.

26/10 Day 299 - Saturday Theme: Seascape. I took this on our recent holiday at Coolangatta.

25/10 Day 298 - Another bougainvillea from the neighbour's yard. The coloured part of the plant is not the flower, but the bract. The tiny white part in the centre is the bougainvillea flower. But you probably knew that already.

24/10 Day 297 - Dark clouds are starting to build. I hope they turn into the storm the weather man has promised!!

23/10 Day 296 - A garden fence covered by honeysuckle. The scent almost knocked me down!

22/10 Day 295 - I love the colour of this lemony yellow hibiscus.

21/10 Day 294 - An almost perfect gardenia. It smelled divine!

20/10 Day 293 - I snapped this whilst on a stroll around the block with my husband at Caloundra today.

19/10 Day 292 - Saturday Theme: Baby Animals. I dare say there will be no chance of spotting any baby animals today. So this is from the archives, my favourite little baby duck from the duck pond.

18/10 Day 291 - Still in my neighbour's yard! I'm sure he'll kick me out one day. A pretty rose...

17/10 Day 290 - And yet another from my neighbour's garden. Well, he has more pretty flowers at the moment. I love the colour of this bougainvillea against the driveway with fallen jacaranda flowers in the background.

16/10 Day 289 - Another pretty flower from my neighbour's garden.

15/10 Day 288 - A "not" dead tree!

14/10 Day 287 - A pale pink rose...my absolute favourite!

13/10 Day 286 - A pretty hippeastrum in my mother-in-law's garden.

12/10 Day 285 - Saturday Theme: Dead Tree. I went for a little walk before I left the farm last weekend because I had the perfect tree in mind for today's theme.

11/10 Day 284 - A pretty pink flower in my neighbour's driveway.

10/10 Day 283 - A bird in the grevillea. Is it a Little Friar bird?

9/10 Day 282 - Underneath the jacaranda tree.

8/10 Day 281 - This butterfly seemed to pose for me this afternoon. I did know what it was but have forgotten.

7/10 Day 280 - No more beach or farm photos. We're home and the jacarandas are bloomin' lovely!!

6/10 Day 279 - From a flying visit to the farm on the way home from our beach holiday.

5/10 Day 278 - Saturday Theme: Something orange. This lovely Bird of Paradise is growing in the garden of our holiday apartment building.

4/10 Day 277 - We went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary today so of course I have a LOT of photos. I couldn't narrow it down to one, so today's photo is a 3-in-1.

3/10 Day 276 - Down on the rocks in the afternoon.

2/10 Day 275 - Another day, another lookout. This time I have the view from Kirra Point Lookout looking north.

1/10 Day 274 - As far as holiday balcony views go, I reckon this is a pretty good one!

FMS Photo a Day Challenge - October 2013

I've been playing along with the Photo a Day Challenge set by
for more than 12 months now and haven't missed a single day.
Nope, not one day!

Clearly I'm addicted.
I add to this post daily
and also post the photos to the
FMS Photo A Day Facebook group.

1. Something Colourful - The Dodgemcars sign at Coolangatta is very colourful.

2. Light - There's lots of bright sunlight at the beach today!

3. You Today - This is me today, enjoying my morning coffee and the view of Coolangatta.

4. In Motion - We just spent a wonderful day at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and I was a bit excited to capture this gorgeous Barking Owl in motion.

5. Afternoon - This afternoon we were at the farm for a surprise party for my Mum's 65th birthday (today) and my Dad's 70th birthday (in 11 days time) with lots of rellies, some that I haven't seen for more than 20 years! The cows came to check out what was going on.

6. 8 O'clock - At 8 o'clock this morning I took a little stroll around the farm with my husband before we headed home.

7. What You Saw Today - Blooming jacarandas!

8. Corner - The corner peg on our block of land.

9. Pink - Last week we took the kids to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary while we were on holidays at the Gold Coast. I listened to my inner child and bought this for myself. Yes...me! Not for my Miss 6 (she bought her own cuddly pink snake). I couldn't resist this cute pink koala. Pink is my favourite colour, so I'm going to LOVE today's prompt. Please say hello to my Coralie.

10. Hands - My Miss 6's hands playing the piano.

11. M is For...Milk! Freshly bottled...4REAL!!

12. Below - Our house in halfway up a big hill, just below this jacaranda tree. I see it every morning from my kitchen window. Aren't I lucky?

13. Watching - I love this big old iron eagle that sits atop Point Kirra watching over the beaches. I don't know why or how long it has been there, but it's very cool!

14. Favourite Space - My favourite space is, of course, our block of land. But in particular, its the lane way along the creek that is completely hidden from street level.

15. Secret - The entrance to our "Secret Garden".

16. Leafy - Our garden is nothing if not leafy!

17. First World Problem - I'm always complaining about the power pole and power lines in front of my house ruining my photos! But I'd hate to be without electricity!!

18. Still - Some of my favourite things to photograph (other than flowers) are bees, butterflies and birds. But as many of you know, they don't stay still for very long and when you get a good shot, it's a great feeling!

19. A Good Day - It's a good day when your own little Miss 6 is in a street parade for the very first time with her Highland & Irish Dancing group!

20. Open - Still visiting display homes to try to decide what to build next year. So many more things to think about than we had even thought of!!

21. Then + Now - Loved her then, still love her now. And yes, that is her latest album on vinyl!

22. Change - There's never much in there!

23. Your Mood Today - This morning I was feeling a bit flat (not a morning person!), but this afternoon after getting past 'hump day' I was feeling pumped!!

24. Dark - Dark clouds are starting to build. I hope they turn into the storm the weather man has promised!!

25. Welcome - A very welcome visitor to our back yard.

26. Depth Of Field - Just home for a sleep from the Relay For Life. Back tomorrow morning.

27. Peaceful - The atmosphere at the Relay for Life last night was moving, inspiration, hopeful and peaceful. Especially during the candle lighting ceremony.

28. Just For You...Grandma. The reason why I do the Relay For Life.

29. Hair - My little Miss 6 usually just has her hair in a plain ponytail, but for her Kindy Christmas party last year she asked for this fancy do.

30. Wet - Finally FINALLY we got some wet stuff from the sky last night! It was so good to hear rain on the roof again.

31. Treat - Last Saturday was my birthday, the same day I began the Relay For Life and walked 52 laps around an oval (not many compared to what some walked). It was a real treat when a dear friend and team mate made a birthday cake for me and brought it to the relay. Note the pink knife, and the cake was even pink on the inside...she knows me too well!