Thursday, 28 February 2013

Day 59 - 365 Days In Nature

Same rose bush, but a new bud coming into bloom.

365 Days In Nature - February

Photo A Day Challenge - February

I've been playing along with the Photo a Day Challenge set by
since August.

It's so much fun I'm at it again.
I add to this post daily
and also put the photos on
Fat Mum Slim's Facebook page.

28 Upside Down - After so much rain, my poor little rose is waterlogged and is hanging upside down on the bush.

27. Playing - The kids are home school due to they're playing Jenga.

26. Quiet - The streets of our town become eerily quiet when it floods...which it is again today, unbelievably for the third time this year already!!

25. On Your Bedside Table - My favourite thing is the yellow post-it note from Miss 5 that says "I love you" in a heart.

24. Cloud - A cloud and its reflection. (PS This photo made it into the Fab Four...I have arrived!)

23. A Word - From Miss 5's "Golden Words" chart...she knows this one! Lucky, because I believe it is the most frequently used word in the English language!

22. Makes You Smile - My baby girl getting the encouragement award at school assembly this morning makes me smile...A LOT!

21. Full - This little pot was full to the brim after all the rain.

20. Where You Stood - At the ironing board ironing my husband's uniforms....UGH...

19. I am...left handed.

18. Something You Don't Like - I like rain. But I DON'T like walking the kids to school in the rain! I REALLY don't like getting wet!!

17. In Your Hand - Yes, I do have an umbrella in my hand at the beach...because my kids wanted to go swimming...even if it was raining!

16. Perfect - A perfect heart shaped leaf.

15. Inside Your Fridge - BRANDED milk...because I'm a dairy farmer's daughter and I support dairy farmers!

14. Love Is... giving my darling husband a Valentine's card for the 14th time! And...him buying me a bottle of "Pink".

13. Walking - Walking to school via the back lane.

12. Where You Ate Lunch - I usually eat lunch in front of my laptop. But today, because I had to take a photo, I thought I might sit out on the front patio and enjoy the view. It is a bit hot though!!

11. Entrance - The entrance steps to our front door.

10. 3 O'Clock - Driving home from the Sunny Coast via the Mary Valley Highway.

9. Guilty Pleasure - Blue cheese, quince paste & red favourite guilty pleasures! Now, please excuse me while I enjoy!!

8. Something Orange - A terracotta pot in our garden.

7. Your Name - Two baby gifts, a brooch and a bracelet. They're pretty old now!

6. Soft - Super silky soft yarn that I'm using to knit covered coat hangers for the school fete. It feels divine!

5. Something You Smelled - As soon as I open our front doors at the moment I'm hit with the scent of our mock oranges (murrayas). Our hedges are covered in blooms and the smell is divine. I wish this was a scratch and sniff photo for you!

4. Hope - I hope my brand new little school girl has a good day on her fourth day at school!

3. Something Beginning With 'E' - My 'E'ar and my favourite new 'E'arring.

2. Pattern - My favourite kind of pattern!

1. Fork - A fork in our mango tree.

All done!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Day 58 - 365 Days In Nature

Usually, I love Mother Nature.
But she has been very unkind to our town lately.

Pelican Bay at Inskip Point & Tin Can Bay

On the weekend we went to another new picnic spot.
We went to Pelican Bay at Inskip Point near Rainbow Beach.
We had a picnic on the sand and the kids swam in the water.
It was very shallow and the tide was going out so it was lovely to walk in.
How nice would it be to be able to do that every day?!
Afterwards we drove to Tin Can Bay for ice-creams.

The one where my husband picks up the camera and I get to see how fat I am :-/
Can you see the tiny fish?

Tin Can Bay...

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