Wednesday, 31 December 2014

FMS Photo a Day Challenge - December 2014

I've been playing along with the Photo a Day Challenge set by
since August 2012 and haven't missed a single day.
Nope, not one day!

Now I'm back at it for another New Year.
I add to this post daily
and also post the photos to the
FMS Photo A Day Facebook group.

 1. Fruit - I've just seen this...KATY BERRY...oh wait. Close enough!!

2. Grass - Long grass in the afternoon sunshine.

3. Pop! On Katy Perry's "birthday suit"!

4. Free - This brings a song to mind..."The best things in life are free..." The best thing in my life recently was a mini-break with my husband to see Katy Perry last (not Friday) Monday night. We took this selfie...something we haven't done since our honeymoon 12 years ago, but I'm so glad we did. Free selfies can be fun!

5. Me - I cannot believe that I'm about to post 2 selfies in a row...ME, the one who protested loudly of my loathing for selfies!! But I took this selfie last week (with my el-cheapo phone that doesn't even have that reverse camera thingy so I couldn't see what I was taking) just after I had my hair done for the Katy Perry concert. It was the first time I'd felt pretty in a very long time. Gotta love a wonderful hairdresser who waves her magic wand and turns my out-of-control hair into pretty soft curls!

6. Joy is...putting up the Christmas tree! But joy was mixed with devastation today when I discovered my very favourite decoration, that we bought in Germany on our honeymoon, was smashed into a million pieces. Still recovering... :(

7. Weekends are for...searching for your dream property....

8. Simple pleasure -'s simple but I love it!

9. Decoration - Many of you read my sad story three days ago for "Joy" but for those of you who missed treasured Christmas decoration from Germany was smashed to pieces when the bag fell out of the cupboard earlier this year. I was devastated to find it that way when we put the tree up on Sunday. My Miss 7 tried to stick it back together so I put it at the top of the tree anyhow, but now I get a lump in my throat every time I walk past it.

10. Closed door - These doors are permanently closed because they built a brand new police station a few doors up.

11. Something red - My little Santa Bear...looks like he's had a hard night under the tree!

12. Skyline - Gympie's skyline at dusk.

13. Much loved - My vinyl record collection! I pulled this one out two days ago, don't laugh!!

14. Drink - My favourite with bubbles! Cheers!

15. Super! Super excited to see that my Poinciana has finally flowered this morning. I've been waiting for those buds to pop open for days!

16. Beautiful - Something beautiful for the two innocent lives lost in Sydney overnight. I have such a heavy heart this morning.

17. Sunshine - Sunshine at the farm.

18. Sign - A very clear sign that we're about to get a big storm!! Taken last night.

19. Something to be happy about - Christmas lights' reflections on a rainy night...

20. Food - Today we went for a drive out to Kandanga for lunch. There's nothing like good old country hotel food...or pub grub!

21. This is interesting  It's a Peruvian carved gourd that my husband found at the local antique store. I wondered what was so special about it until I got home and put my glasses on! The carvings are so intricate. The artisan carved his name on the bottom so I looked him up and here he is...the magic of internet! Pedro Veli

22. 'tis the season to...enjoy Christmas Carols in the park...and yes, I managed to focus on the head in the crowd not the singers, but I still like it.

23. Tree - Our Christmas tree (with the feather of the broken bird on top). Only 2 sleeps to go...who's getting excited?

24. Colour - I'm not a bright colours kind of girl...I love pretty pastel pink. So I have to have some on the Christmas Tree...especially if it sparkles!

25. Celebration - Our family celebration of Christmas...MERRY CHRISTMAS!

26. Animal - I'm home on the farm for Christmas so today's animal(s) had to be....MOOO!!

27. I like...walking around the farm taking photos. No, actually I don't like it, I LOVE it!!

28. Book - I need a book to read but I don't have any new ones, so today I'm going to re-read an old one by my favourite author.

29. I need less of this...clutter! I am waging a war against "Stuff" but sadly I'm losing the battle.

30. Us - This was the photo I used of us for my Facebook Christmas card. My 10yo boy won't stand with Miss 7 for a photo, and I'm always taking the photos so I photoshopped us in...can you tell?

31. My best bit of 2014 - 2014 didn't have many outstanding moments for me, but the best bit was definitely the mini-break we had when we went to the Katy Perry concert. Katy wasn't that great, but having some alone time with my husband was so nice!

365 Days of Man's Mark on the World - December 2014

At the beginning of 2013 I began a 365 Project called 365 Days In Nature.
This year I'm continuing that one and starting a new one called 365 Days of Man's Mark on the World.
My goal is to take a photo of something man made every day for the whole year.
I've started a Facebook group to share our photos.

If you want to join us, you can find us here... 365 Days of Man's Mark on the World

Day 335 - 1st December - Glass - More finds from local second hand stores. We have 4 of the yellow glasses and 3 green ones.

Day 336 - 2nd December - Glass - One of each of our whole coloured glass far.

Day 337 - 3rd December - Glass - My favourite glass pendant from Venice.

Day 338 - 4th December - Glass - Christmas is almost here...pretty glass Christmas tea light holders.

Day 339 - 5th December - Glass - My favourite kind of glass on a Friday...cheers!

Day 340 - 6th December - Cultural - Part of the cultural history of our town is the annual Gold Rush Festival. My little Miss 7 danced has danced at it with her Hyland & Irish dancing group for the past two years.

Day 341 7th December - Cultural - Another one from the Gold Rush Festival, some Scottish culture.

Day 342 8th December - Cultural - Some Chinese culture at the Gold Rush Festival.

Day 343 9th December - Cultural - ANZAC Day is a very important part of Australian culture.

Day 344 10th December - Cultural - Another one from ANZAC Day.

Day 345 11th December - Cultural - A quirky past of the Aussie culture is our "BIG" things. This was us at the Big Pineapple at Nambour a few years ago. Look how little the kids were!

Day 346 12th December - Cultural - There's nothing more Aussie than Santa on the back of a ute!

Day 347 13th December - Fences & Gates - All of this week's fences and gates will be from the farm.

Day 348 14th December - Fences & Gates - One of the new fences on the farm, with an old one in the background.

Day 349 15th December - Fences & Gates - A fence with an old shade shelter for the calves.

Day 350 16th December - Fences & Gates - A gate to Nan's house. We lost Nan years ago but we still call it Nan's house.

Day 351 17th December - Fences & Gates - White fences and a gate on the cattle yard.

Day 352 18th December - Fences & Gates - The fence around the house I grew up's about as old as me!

Day 353 19th December - Fences & Gates - A favourite from the farm, looking at the church on the hill through the fence.

Day 354 20th December - Christmas Lights - Starting the week with our own Christmas lights, and their reflection on a rainy night.

Day 355 21st December - Christmas Lights - Lights on our Christmas tree.

Day 356 22nd December - Christmas Lights - Our town clock lit up for Christmas.

Day 357 23rd December - Christmas Lights - We keep on saying we'll drive around and look at the Christmas lights around town but we haven't this one is from 4 years ago, the background is blurred but I like it anyhow.

Day 358 24th December - Christmas Lights - These are the Christmas lights on my brother and sister-in-law's home on the farm. I took this a few years ago but we're heading down there again tomorrow so hopefully I'll get a new one tomorrow night.

Day 359 25th December - Christmas Lights - My sister-in-law's Christmas Tree...

Day 360 26th December - Christmas Lights - My final Christmas lights is from our Europe trip 12 years ago. This was in Strasbourg.

Day 361 27th December - Shop Windows - I know Christmas is over but all of my shop windows for this week will be Christmas windows.

Day 362 28th December - Shop Windows - There's a lot of prettiness going on in this window!

Day 363 29th December - Shop Windows - I love this silver tree.

Day 364 30th December - Shop Windows - A beautiful wire reindeer.

Day 365 31st December - Shop Windows - Pink Christmas baubles!