Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Red Hibiscus

Here's a beautiful summery flower for you...for the middle of winter!

Another one from my mother-in-law's garden.
She must think I'm a little crazy, I'm always wandering around her garden with my camera!!


  1. Not crazy. Same as me!! We are just ladies who love to take pics...anywhere it suits us.
    I love the patterns and details in hibiscus.
    Dad had a HUGE dinner plate flowers one in orange.
    It has been photographed many times by me.
    Seriously, tell MiL it's your way of ADMIRING her garden.
    I took pix of flowers outside one of B's doctors. The Dr, a psychiatrist, did NOT think I was mad LOL.
    He thought it was cool!!

  2. Oh I LOVE hibiscus flowers, they remind me of home. We had two giant trees when I was a child, both hot pink in colour, they're just delightful. Our dalmatian used to eat them... and not just a nibble, she would pluck whole flowers off the tree AND eat the ones that had dropped on the ground! She was crazy, but it was so sweet to see little fragments of pink petal around her mouth. Ah sweet memories, thanks for reminding me of them Thea :o)
    Gorgeous shot by the way xo


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