Sunday, 15 January 2012

Happy Dog

Yesterday we went for a family picnic to Rainbow Beach.
I took both lenses but only used the new zoom one because I couldn't change on the beach or while we were walking in the bush. I'm really glad I used this lens even though there were times I wish I had the other lens on.

The next few days will be photos from our day out.

I love this photo of the dog with no feet on the ground!
This was one happy puppy, running through the waves, playing with other dogs, Miss 4 was a little scared of it though.


  1. I love watching my dogs at the beach, even my old Foxy loves the beach so much she still manages a run. You can see the happiness on that dogs face, great shot

  2. Fab photo Thea, love how you can capture the moment in your images. My Mr 4 would have been terrified, he is scared of dogs and when they run, even more! xo

  3. Great shot, and timing is everything!

  4. Great shot, and timing is everything!

  5. This photo makes me smile :D xx


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