Thursday, 8 March 2012


I adore old buildings.
This restored (and relocated) old church is absolutely stunning.
It is now the home of Heritage Wines restaurant and function centre.
It's also their wine tasting room.
It was set up for a wedding later that day and was so beautiful we all wanted to get married!
The views, we were told, were stunning, too. But sadly we were in the clouds that day and couldn't see them.
One of the things I loved, apart from it's beauty, was its smell. I was hit by the smell of an old church the minute I walked in the door.


  1. What an attractive venue for a wedding breakfast.

  2. Wow, so much history in that room, it does look magnificent. I can just imagine the smell, I know exactly what you mean and I kinda like it too xo

  3. Great colour! This pic looked 3-D on your side bar! I know what you mean by the smell of old churches too. Is it the smell of wood? xx


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