Friday, 29 June 2012

Disney on Ice

I've decided to change the nature of this blog. I'm not posting a photo a day here anymore as I did when I started because I've discovered Red Bubble. But I like keeping this blog and now I'm going to use it when I have a lot of photos I wish to publish from special events or days out. So it's going to be very photo heavy. I hope you don't mind.

Let's start with Disney on Ice.
My Miss 4 and I drove to Brisbane yesterday to see the show.
We loved it!
I took 488 photos with my new 18 - 270mm Tamron lens.
Here are the ones I like the best.


  1. WOW! That looks absolutely incredible Thea, what a beautiful production. All that colour and sparkle, your little Miss would have been in seventh heaven... and it's always so lovely to see the expression on their faces at things like that. Love the photos xo

    1. Thank you Julie! It was a wonderful day. I hope I can take her again next year. x


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