Wednesday, 18 July 2012


I snapped this from my back yard last Sunday, when it wasn't raining for a change.
Today, however, it is wet...again.
But I don't mind, I'm enjoying the grey days.
How about you?
Has it been raining a lot where you are?
Do you love or hate wet days?

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  1. That is stunning. Just stunning. Wow! Ps... rainy here in Brisbane today. Nooooo!

  2. That is simply beautiful, well done!

  3. Oh that is spectacular Thea! What a magic location you live in to receive sunsets like that.
    We've had lots of rain so far this Winter, though the last few days have been absolutely gorgeous with sunshine... still cold... but when the sun shines it's not so hard to take xo

  4. I am a heat and sunshine girl so have been enjoying the heat wave we have been experiencing. Gorgeous sunset, I never cease to be amazed by them.


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