Friday, 30 November 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - November

This is my fourth Photo a Day Challenge set by
It's an adiction that I'm really having fun with.
Here is my post for November's challenge.
I'll be adding to it daily and I'll also be putting the photos on
Fat Mum Slim's Facebook wall.

November in collage...

31 PicMonkey Collage

30. on the wall - on the back wall of our house

30. on the wall

29. big - this is the land of 'The Big'...just down the road (relatively) is The Big Pineapple, The Big Cow, and I just discovered today, The Big Snowman. Not quite sure how it wasn't melting in the 35deg heat!

29. big

28. vehicle - if I could make my own dream might look something like this...without the eyes of course!

28. vehicle

27. tree - the illawarra flame trees are flaming, I mean blooming, around town at the moment. Aren't they stunning?

27. tree

26. in the cupboard - we really need a bigger house, we have no room for bookshelves so they're shoved in the cupboard! :(

26. in the cupboard

25. sky - the sky through the shade sails at a playground in Noosaville.

25. sky

24. a sound you heard - noisy birds at the duck pond.

24. a sound you heard

23. black - I bought this dress for my 30th birthday, 14 years ago!! It no longer fits but I still love it and cannot part with it.

23. black

22. grateful - I'm grateful for the flowers that bloom in our garden, and that I get to snap them.


21. what you wore - my peg apron, which I wear every day. I sling it over my shoulder instead of tying it around my waist.

20. work/play - when I work(out) on the treadmill, I always play music...LOUD!

20. work-play

19. something awesome - the moon in the day time is awesome (especially when you happen to capture a plane in the same shot!)

18. happened this weekend - storms were swirling all around us this weekend, but we missed most of them...which is good and bad because I do love a good storm!

17. the last thing you bought - I took this prompt as an excuse to go shopping and I bet I'm not the only one! I bought some fabric this morning for a new idea I'm hoping to add to my Made It store.

16. the view from your window - the view from my kitchen window, this is why I like washing the dishes!

15. in your bag - I'm teaching today so this is what is in my teacher bag...and yes I really am Mrs Smith.

14. man-made - made my man, inspired by God. Our beautiful church.

13. where you slept - in my cozy bed with my husband and our regular nightly visitor, Miss 5. I don't get much room...or sleep!

12. drink - there are only three things I drink every, wine and water. I could probably give up coffee (with great difficulty), I could possibly give up wine (hmmm, maybe not), but I could never give up water.

11. night - I love the view from our front patio at night, especially in the rain. Taken last night.

10. can't {won't} live without - I won't live without books, and I can't live without glasses.

9. small - my hands are so small my wedding ring fits totally inside my husband's wedding ring...with room to spare!

8. something you do everyday - spray on a little perfume. I love perfumes and have quite a lot. This is my favourite at the moment.

7. reflection - another birthday present...Kylie's new record! I bought her first record 24 years ago!! And upon reflection, "I wouldn't change a thing". ;)

6. a favourite thing - my birthday present (that I'm using as a camera bag) is my new favourite thing!

5. 5 o'clock = wine o'clock for me! It's usually Shiraz but tonight it's a lovely White Shiraz...with blue cheese while I'm cooking dinner.

4. TV - the one and only in our house (I don't like tvs in bedrooms), it's used to watch TV, movies, play X-Box360 and Wii. This morning my 8 year old boy is playing his favourite game, TDU2.

3. breakfast - my favourite was to start the day, egg on toast.

2. colour - something Miss 5 loves to do...colour in!

1. something beginning with 'C' - Cute Cowgirl Cuddles...that's 3 'Cs' I win? ;)

The list -


  1. very creative photos reflecting your life.I am also participating in the Photo a Day challenge and post the photos on my Facebook Fan Page.We'll be back to have a look at the other photos.

    Enjoy Teaching English

  2. Great pictures! I've been following along on instagram. I did the challenge for two months in the beginning of the year, but then got slack.. maybe I should try to get back into it in December?


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