Sunday, 31 March 2013

Photo A Day Challenge - March

I've been playing along with the Photo a Day Challenge set by
since August.

It's so much fun I'm at it again.
I add to this post daily
and also put the photos on
Fat Mum Slim's Facebook page.

31. Stuff - Cool stuff at the Rathdowney Heritage Farmer's Market.

30. Relax - This is how you relax....mooooooooooooo

29. Goodnight - My little Miss 5 with one of her favourite books.

28. In The Mirror - Our mango tree! I bet you didn't expect to see a mirror in a back yard. My husband has put our old mirror out near the trailer, ready to take to the dump!

27. Pair - Oh...wait! ;-)

26. Something You Did - Today I had a relief teaching my son's Year 3 class!

25. In Your Drawer - For my 21st (years and years and years and years ago!) I was given a jewellery wardrobe from my college friends. It houses many treasures, most of which I don't wear any more. This drawer in it contains my wedding earrings, pearl earrings, bridesmaid earrings and my flower girl cross...among other things.

24. Up - Yesterday we went out to our block of land for a picnic. I lay on the picnic blanket and looked up, this was my view...can you feel the serenity?

23. What You Do For Fun - This is an easy one! I take photos for fun!! Here's one I took yesterday at Pomona while my husband was climbing Mt Cooroora.

22. About You - Where to start?? How about at the moment...the most notable thing about me right now is that I'm stuck in a frenzy of creating things. After making 102 items for the school fete, I'm loving trying new ideas. This is my latest. I copied a picture my sister sent to me...

21. Working - Today I am working on an order for a couple of coffee sleeves.

20. Clean - All clean and ready to be topped up with my favourite drop of red!

19. A Sign - A sign that there is a spider lurking somewhere in our garden.

18. Shoes - My daughter's favourite shoes. I love them, too. Oh to be 5 again...

17. Green - Happy St Patrick's Day!! No four leaf clover in my lawn...I've searched and searched but have never found one. Have you?

16. 9 o'clock - At 9 o'clock this morning our school opened it's gates for the annual St Pat's fete. The teacher dunk was very popular...hmmm, I wonder why? "The ultimate revenge"

15. Explore - Recently I've been learning to explore new craft ideas for the school fete. These are some of the things I've made...

14. Tasty - My favourite tasty apple, Maggie Beer's spiced pear paste, blue cheese and a drizzle of honey. It's the tastiest of tasty me!

13. Sound - The sound of a dripping tap drives me nuts!

12. In The Distance - The town clock that we can see in the distance (I've zoomed up on it) seems to be an hour slow!

11. Important - It is important to eat REAL food! Not *stuff* in cans, jars, packets and boxes masquerading as food...or worse still...junk from fast food outlets.

10. I want...a baby grand piano, a diamond eternity ring and a brand new BIG house. But I have no chance of either photographing or getting any of those things today. So what I want for today, and have a chance of getting, is a few moments to myself to finish reading my book.

9. Faceless Self-Portrait - Still in my pjs, messy hair, enjoying the sun and the view with my morning coffee.

8. Favourite - My favourite flowers are roses, and my favourite colour is pink. So I adore pink roses.

7. Fear - We have lots of blue tongue lizards around our house. They freaked me out completely when we moved here about 10 years ago. I'm quite used to them outside now but one of my biggest fears is finding them inside the house, which I have done on too many occasions.

6. Chair - from Miss 5's doll house...

5. Under - Nope, no fairies under these mushrooms that I just found growing in our lemon tree pot.

4. Lucky - It's lucky for this little rose bush that we've had lots of rain recently because a few weeks ago it looked dead. Look at it today! There are five roses and two more buds.

3. Key - Black ones and white ones!

2. I made this! A special order for a lovely lady who is going to be a grandmother soon.

1. L is for...liriope which I just discovered flowering in our garden.

All done!


  1. One day I must see your garden!!!! :-)

    1. It really isn't that great Mark. Lots and lots of plants, but not enough flowers. I'm just good and finding them. :)

  2. I want to see more of your garden too. I love your FMSphotoaday , you put a lot of thought into them. Mine are rushed sometimes just to fill the brief.

    1. Thanks Trish! I must admit, mine are rushed sometimes too! :)

  3. Your photos are just so beautiful. So easy to get lost in them. xx

    1. Thank you so much Chantelle. You just made my day!! xx :D

  4. Your photo in #5 is delightful Thea. You seem to have a nice view from your place too.


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