Sunday, 30 June 2013

Photo A Day Challenge - June

I've been playing along with the Photo a Day Challenge set by
since August last year.

It's so much fun I'm at it again.
I add to this post daily
and also post the photos to
Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Facebook group.

30. Handwriting - I think this is pretty good handwriting from my Miss 5 in Prep. But I am a very biased and proud mum! It's on the fridge, of course!

29. In My Bag - You can usually find my camera in my bag (I don't have a fancy camera bag) except for when I'm taking now!

28. Red - I found four red things in our garden (and the neighbour's garden) today. For Red Nose Day...

27. Into The Sun - The sun going down on the family farm a couple of days ago.

26. Empty -  This one is empty, but I put the little gold caps on 2500 of these little babies last night!

25. Sharp - My brother, looking sharp as he is being interviewed by the TV news reporter at the launch of the new milk label.

24. Negative Space - From the farm...

23. Last - I don't remember the last time that I climbed to the top of this. But I do know that it was a very long time ago. I wish I still had the nerve because the views from the top are stunning!

22. Enjoying Life - It's school holidays and we're back at the family farm for a few days for the launch the brand new milk label. It's been hectic, chaotic, frantic for my brother, cousins and the rest of the family on the farm. But hopefully they'll now be enjoying life knowing that they're being paid a reasonable amount for the milk!

21. Lunchtime - We so very rarely (like, never) have takeaway for lunch, dinner or anything else. But today, my husband has a day off, it's cold and wet, so we had this little treat at lunchtime.

20. Cute - My Miss 5 loves to wear my pyjama shirts to bed. She often goes into my room and chooses one for herself. Last night she chose this one! I took one look at her and said, "That's tomorrow's word!!" And promptly made her pose for me. Does it get any better than that?

19. Currently Reading - I'm currently reading this pattern and making some baby mitts.

18. Street - The street where I live...with it's cute little high road/low road.

17. Centred - My metronome and mini busts of Beethoven and Mozart.

16. Family - This week our family had two special celebrations. Last night our 8 year old boy made his First Communion. And on Tuesday he was confirmed by the Bishop. Obviously I didn't take this photo. I took one of the family in front of us, and then she took this one for us. What I learned - my 'little' boy is much taller than I thought and I shouldn't stand behind him any more. Soon he'll be able to stand behind me!

15. From Above - A cactus plant in our garden, from above.

14. Texture - Smooth & rough bark on a tree at our block.

13. Kitchen - Perfect prompt as we are right in the middle of our kitchen reno! My husband is doing everything himself, so that takes time. We have some lovely new cupboards and a pantry. But we have no sink, haven't had one for four weeks now since he ripped the old one out. You can see the space where the sink will go, and the old sink through the window in the back yard!!

12. 11 O'Clock - At 11 o'clock today I'll be in the Prep classroom, teaching. So I'll have no time for photos...and I don't take my camera to school. But yesterday at 11 o'clock I was in the middle of a deb dress alteration. Unpicking for the third time! Well, it has to be perfect!! All finished now...

11. Something Funny -  I had to go back into my archives again for this prompt. And then I couldn't decide between "Funny haha" and "Funny ironic" I went with both. My 8 year old boy, when he was 3, after I popped a tiara on his head..."Boys don't wear tiaras!!" And the second is from one of the floods at the beginning of this year.

10. You! I don't do selfies...a) because I don't like them, and b) because it's very difficult to do with a DSLR and that's my only camera. I could use the timer but...refer to reason (a). So I'm breaking the rules and sharing a photo that my friend took. This is my favourite photo of me at our wedding, coming up to 11 years ago. Can you tell I was having a good time? I've been to a lot of weddings, but our wedding was the best wedding I've ever been to. Hands up if you can say that about yours. And one more thing...a stat for number freaks like me...I was 33 at our wedding and this was the 33rd wedding I'd been, no?

9. From Down Low - From down low at our block of land.

8. An Animal - One of my favourite kinds of animals!

7. Bright - I love the bright red eyes and beak of the black swan, don't you?

6. Transport - Two modes of transport here. I've tried one, and I'm dying to try the other!

5. Environment - One of our favourite things to do as a family is get out into our beautiful natural environment. And we're always surprised by how few other people are doing the same thing. We're often all alone, which is nice for us, but a shame for all those missing out!

4. After Dark - The quintessential Queensland backyard 21st birthday party. Even if it's freezing we're all out in the dark, with a camp fire or bonfire. Are we the only ones who do this??

3. On My Table - Treasures that my Miss 5 has made or given to me. Yes, that is a drawing of her and me with matching ponytails!

2. A Moment - The moment the pelican landed.

1. B is for...Brekky!! An egg on toast is my favourite. And it looks like I have a happy egg this morning!


  1. nice one!I only went half way last month,hoping to to finish it up with July!It lets you to get a better look at you and your family and get to know you better.So interesting!

    Enjoy Teaching English

  2. The milk label sounds exciting. I hope all goes well for your family.


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