Tuesday, 30 July 2013

365 Days In Nature - July

31/7 Day 212 - The moon through the mango tree.

30/7 Day 211 - The grevilleas are so beautiful at the moment. And they come in so many gorgeous colours. This is my favourite.

29/7 Day 210 - Our back yard blue tongue lizard, catching some warm winter sun.

28/7 Day 209 - Clover is so pretty up close.

27/7 Day 208 - Saturday Theme: Foliage  Well, my eyes were opened today! I wasn't expecting it to be difficult to find a foliage photo. But I didn't expect to find so much!! I kept snapping to the point of ridiculous. I took 124 photos in my mother-in-law's garden and neighbouring park! I'm always looking at flowers, bees, butterflies, birds...and have forgotten foliage...not today!

A collage of foliage from my archives

26/7 Day 207 - A dewy dandelion.

25/7 Day 206 - Poinciana leaves in the afternoon light.

24/7 Day 205 - I love red flowers against the blue sky, like these grevilleas.

23/7 Day 204 - The kids found this frog under my husband's paint tray on the back decking. It's an odd colour, don't you think?

22/7 Day 203 - A "wild flower" in our garden.

21/7 Day 202 - I took the kids to the duck pond to ride their bike & scooter this morning and look what I found! What a treat!!

20/7 Day 201 - Saturday Theme: Fauna...from the beach.

A collage of fauna from my archives...

19/7 Day 200 - Today's weather is brought to you by raindrops and grey skies.

18/7 Day 199 - An ibis in the afternoon sun at the duck pond.

17/7 Day 198 - Sincere apologies to arachnophobes...look away NOW...but look what I just found hiding under our front steps. Yep, a redback spider!!

16/7 Day 197 - The Canna in our back garden. One of the flowers that is helping me warm to red.

15/7 Day 196 - I love the delicate little pink flowers on the Indian Hawthorn shrub.

14/7 Day 195 - We often see stingrays in the canal at Caloundra. But we've never seen a leopard print one before!!

13/7 Day 194 - Saturday Theme: White flowers...We walk past this lovely bush every day on our walk to school. I think it's called a Snow Flake Bush. It's the closest thing we'll ever get to snow around here!!

A collage of white flowers from my archives...


12/7 Day 193 - Clover, growing out of the pot.

11/7 Day 192 - The orange trumpet creeper again...looking up into a cloudy sky.

10/7 Day 191 - There were some lovely pink clouds this morning...before it rained.

9/7 Day 190 - My zygocactus is in full bloom with still more buds. Happy happy happy...

8/7 Day 189 - Finally, two days later, I get to see some sunrise colour!!

7/7 Day 188 - Yesterday at the beach. Winter is the most perfect time to be there!

6/7 Day 187 - Saturday Theme: The colours of sunrise/sunset... I got myself up earlyish for sunrise at 6:37 this morning but there was nothing but a heavy fog! At almost 8:30am there was still no sign of the sun. We were covered in a thick blanket of fog!! So no sunrise colours...but it was a perfect morning for capturing the dewy cobwebs in the garden. I have my fingers crossed for some colours at sunset today!!

Take two - I almost missed the sunset!! After being out all day, I was cooking the kids' dinner and realized the sun had just gone down. So, of course, I grabbed the camera and ran up into the backyard to capture this. It's not spectacular...but it's the best I could do today.

5/7 Day 186 - From the duck pond today.

4/7 Day 185 - I love taking my camera with me when I hang out the washing...I never know what I'll find. Today it was a Little Friarbird, a Blue-faced Honeyeater and this one, my favourite, a Common Eggfly Butterfly.

3/7 Day 184 - My Zygocactus is finally starting to bloom...and it looks like it's mocking me!

2/7 Day 183 - Three tiny little mushrooms in the cactus pot.

1/7 Day 182 - Yesterday my Miss 5 went shopping with her daddy and she came home with this, "For you, Mummy!"

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