Wednesday, 2 November 2011


A pure white gardenia (not camellia as I first thought!).
I snapped this in someone's garden as I was walking past on the weekend.
They really are perfection, aren't they?

Taken with Nikon D3100


  1. So gorgeous Thea! I thought it was a gardenia when I first saw the pic and instantly had that scent of gardenia in my nose. But I love camellia's too! Such beautifully abundant trees. My parent's camellia's always seem to be in bloom :o) xo

  2. Oh no, Julie!! I think you're right. I don't know why I had camellia in my head, I'm pretty sure it IS a gardenia!! to change the title.
    Thank you!! :)

  3. Love the scent of gardenias too as well as their white velvety loveliness.

  4. wow beautiful almost looks fake its so perfect!

  5. These are my absolute favourite (along with frangipani's) - talk about prompts for memories.
    Looking at your picture I can actually feel the velvety softness of it's petals under my fingertips along with the heady scent filling my nose.
    Lovely x

  6. Yup perfection is the word that came to my mind looking at it too!


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