Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Bow

Day 12 of Christmas photos.
The last handmade ornament, unless I happen to make some more...
I love bows on Christmas trees. Either stiff wired ribbon bows to sit in gaps on the tree (that's this one).
And I also love to buy a roll of pretty ribbon and tie it onto the brances in bows all over the tree.
I haven't done that this year, may next year's theme can be 'bows'.
Anyhow I'm getting ahead of myself.

Here is my favourite bow on the tree this year.


  1. That IS a gorgeous bow Thea. I also love bows and ribbons... I get all dazzled by them around Christmas time. I spent a good 10 minutes the other day looking at all the ribbon in Big W... I like to put ribbon on my Christmas presents too! Ahhhh lovely! :o) xo


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