Thursday, 8 December 2011

Pink Chandelier Ornament

Day 8 of Christmas photos.
Yesterday was all time favourite ornament.
Today is my favorite 'new' ornament.
Myer has the best Christmas Shop I've ever seen.
I was like a kid in a candy store buying new decorations for the tree this year.
When I saw this one, I think I gasped out loud.
It's pink.
It's sparkly.
It's a chandelier.
I simply love it!
But, like yesterday's, it was also very difficult to photograph!!


  1. A difficult shot maybe but you still captured it perfectly Thea.

  2. You certainly did a wonderful job of photographing this one Thea. It does look fabulous... pink and sparkles... ahhh dreamy :o)
    MYER does have some sensational deco's... a friend and I were in there today Ooo'ing and Arr'ing over them all :o) xo


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