Sunday, 30 September 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - September

Last month I participated in my first Photo a Day Challenge, set by Fat Mum Slim.
It was so much fun I'm doing it again this month and I'm going to put all of the photos in this post, so I'll be adding to it daily.
I'll also be putting the photos on Fat Mum Slim's Facebook wall and on my Me & My Million Blogs Facebook page daily .

30. You, Then - My 12 month old baby photo from do the maths! ;)

29. Errand - I'm on holidays so I have no errands to do! Except take photos for Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day Challenge. This is one I took from the back balcony yesterday of the mountains at sunset.

28. A Good Thing - Spotting whales from your holiday balcony is a very good thing!

27. Love/Hate - I have a love/hate relationship with the ocean. I love an ocean view, I love listening to the waves, I love walking on the sand...but I hate getting in the water.

26. Near - We walked to the lookout near our holiday unit to get a closer look at the eagle sculpture overlooking the ocean.

25. Frame - The view from our holiday unit...the ocean FRAMEd by Norfolk Island pine trees.

24. 3 Things - 3 umbrellas at the coffee shop under the balcony of our holiday unit.

23. Before Bedtime - I just had to look at the pretty lights one more time before bedtime. We're on holidays...YAY!

22. Up - Jumping up high on the trampoline.

21. Sometimes - I do a jigsaw puzzle, just for fun. I wish I remembered to do it more often. LOVE jigsaw puzzles. And it's even more fun now that the kids join in on the search for the perfect piece!

20. Man-Made - When we bought this house the back courtyard was an ugly concrete jungle. My man...made stone steps, stone walls, an outdoor table to cover a broken old brick barbecue, retaining walls to terrace the slope and paved the whole area. He's very clever, my man!

19. Underneath - I love lying underneath a shady tree at the beach and looking up.

18. Price - This was the price of my Mr. Mister record in 1985.

17. In My Fridge - A few days ago our neighbour knocked on our back door and gave us a bucket full of duck eggs, fresh from the farm. It was very thoughtful, but what do I do with duck eggs??

16. Strange - Yep, it’s an old boot nailed to a tree in our street. I don’t know why. And it is strange. But it’s also kinda cool, right?

15. First Thing You See - When I open the curtains in the morning the first thing I see is this. This morning's weather: a little cloudy.

14. Favourite - One of my favourite garden sights and smells...jasmine. It is truly divine!

13. Table - Today is our 10th wedding anniversary! This was our cake table 10 years ago.

12. Together - It's my son's 8th birthday today! My daughter turned 5 four days ago. So we always celebrate their birthdays TOGETHER.

11. Hero - I don't have a hero, so this was the best I could do. My son's SuperHERO toothbrush & toothpaste.

10. Black & White - My favourite musical instrument features black & white. I should sit down and play it more often!

9. Something You Do Most Weekends - We go for a drive to the coast or the country most weekends. Today it was the country.

8. At Night - Yesterday we went to the Beaudesert Show and waited to see the fireworks AT NIGHT.

7. Natural - Milk, all natural and straight from the cow. The only way to drink it!

6. Every Day - Every day I start the day with a coffee in my favourite pink flowery cup! I have one right now!!

5. Bright - You can't get much BRIGHTer than a rainbow lorikeet. They're in my backyard every day.

4. In My Mailbox - When I look into the roof of my mailbox, this is what I see.

‎3. Far Away - My dear little niece (on the left) who lives too FAR AWAY is 5 today. Her cousin (my little darling on the right) is 5 in 5 days!

2. Father - This is the wonderful father that lives in our house. He also happens to be my gorgeous husband. Here he is crab spotting with our two little darlings. Happy Father's Day!

1. Me, Now - Well, not right now, but last Saturday at our picnic at Tinnanbar...close.


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  1. Good luck with the challenge, I will call by again during the month.

  2. Great pic - I just love the Lorikeet one - Awesome!!

  3. You are doing so well with this challenge - your pictures are creative and all have a story. Number 9 makes me want to go for a drive! Number 16 is hilarious! I had the same record in number 18's pic (listened to it a kazillion times!)
    And duck eggs - use them in baking as you would with chook's eggs, but just use less because they are richer! :)

    1. Thanks so much Wendy! I've been using the duck eggs in pancakes for the kids. They're delicious!!


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