Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Pelican Bay at Inskip Point & Tin Can Bay

On the weekend we went to another new picnic spot.
We went to Pelican Bay at Inskip Point near Rainbow Beach.
We had a picnic on the sand and the kids swam in the water.
It was very shallow and the tide was going out so it was lovely to walk in.
How nice would it be to be able to do that every day?!
Afterwards we drove to Tin Can Bay for ice-creams.

The one where my husband picks up the camera and I get to see how fat I am :-/
Can you see the tiny fish?

Tin Can Bay...

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  1. Gorgeous location and photos.
    We have visited here and we loved it.
    (you look fine BTW)

  2. I think you look gorgeous - happy and relaxed!

    I just love how crabs make those little tiny balls of sand :-)

  3. I could see the fish - and LOVE the crab balls (is that what they are) Beautiful photos Thea and beautiful you x

  4. What lovely photo. I love the balls of sand photo. Dont you just love crabs.

  5. What lovely photos and just FYI you are NOT fat xx

  6. I hate photos of myself too, but you look FINE! Love all your photos, looks like a nice spot to spend some time.

  7. Wow I cannot get over how blue that sky is.

  8. Wow! Amazing pictures! The sky is so blue! Beautiful!


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