Thursday, 28 February 2013

Photo A Day Challenge - February

I've been playing along with the Photo a Day Challenge set by
since August.

It's so much fun I'm at it again.
I add to this post daily
and also put the photos on
Fat Mum Slim's Facebook page.

28 Upside Down - After so much rain, my poor little rose is waterlogged and is hanging upside down on the bush.

27. Playing - The kids are home school due to they're playing Jenga.

26. Quiet - The streets of our town become eerily quiet when it floods...which it is again today, unbelievably for the third time this year already!!

25. On Your Bedside Table - My favourite thing is the yellow post-it note from Miss 5 that says "I love you" in a heart.

24. Cloud - A cloud and its reflection. (PS This photo made it into the Fab Four...I have arrived!)

23. A Word - From Miss 5's "Golden Words" chart...she knows this one! Lucky, because I believe it is the most frequently used word in the English language!

22. Makes You Smile - My baby girl getting the encouragement award at school assembly this morning makes me smile...A LOT!

21. Full - This little pot was full to the brim after all the rain.

20. Where You Stood - At the ironing board ironing my husband's uniforms....UGH...

19. I am...left handed.

18. Something You Don't Like - I like rain. But I DON'T like walking the kids to school in the rain! I REALLY don't like getting wet!!

17. In Your Hand - Yes, I do have an umbrella in my hand at the beach...because my kids wanted to go swimming...even if it was raining!

16. Perfect - A perfect heart shaped leaf.

15. Inside Your Fridge - BRANDED milk...because I'm a dairy farmer's daughter and I support dairy farmers!

14. Love Is... giving my darling husband a Valentine's card for the 14th time! And...him buying me a bottle of "Pink".

13. Walking - Walking to school via the back lane.

12. Where You Ate Lunch - I usually eat lunch in front of my laptop. But today, because I had to take a photo, I thought I might sit out on the front patio and enjoy the view. It is a bit hot though!!

11. Entrance - The entrance steps to our front door.

10. 3 O'Clock - Driving home from the Sunny Coast via the Mary Valley Highway.

9. Guilty Pleasure - Blue cheese, quince paste & red favourite guilty pleasures! Now, please excuse me while I enjoy!!

8. Something Orange - A terracotta pot in our garden.

7. Your Name - Two baby gifts, a brooch and a bracelet. They're pretty old now!

6. Soft - Super silky soft yarn that I'm using to knit covered coat hangers for the school fete. It feels divine!

5. Something You Smelled - As soon as I open our front doors at the moment I'm hit with the scent of our mock oranges (murrayas). Our hedges are covered in blooms and the smell is divine. I wish this was a scratch and sniff photo for you!

4. Hope - I hope my brand new little school girl has a good day on her fourth day at school!

3. Something Beginning With 'E' - My 'E'ar and my favourite new 'E'arring.

2. Pattern - My favourite kind of pattern!

1. Fork - A fork in our mango tree.

All done!


  1. The mock orange blossoms look stunning! I want to smell them!

  2. The daily theme is a neat idea. I'm not sure if I could do it for a whole month and definitely not all year but I think I may try a day here and there.

  3. I couldn't notice the fork on the tree.Could you help me?


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