Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Photo A Day Challenge - April

I've been playing along with the Photo a Day Challenge set by
since August.

It's so much fun I'm at it again.
I add to this post daily
and also put the photos on
Fat Mum Slim's Facebook page.

30. Glasses - My Miss 5 in her super cute (sun)glasses.

29. I Wore This Today - My pink robe (for the first time this year) and fluffy slippers. I'm so happy that's it's finally cool enough to wear them!!

28. My Sunday - My Sunday is taking the kids to the park beside the canal for a play.

27. Earth - Maleny...my idea of heaven on earth.

26. Childhood - I don't have very many trinkets from my childhood, but my signet ring is a favourite. It was my 10th birthday present from my parents. I never took it off and now the 'T' has almost worn off. When I first got it I wore it on my middle finger. Then as I grew, my ring finger. In my 20s I had it made smaller so I could wear it as a pinky ring. I stopped wearing it when I went to white gold with my wedding rings. But my Miss 5 is almost big enough to wear it. I can't wait to pass it onto her.

25. Life is...precious and today we remember those who lost theirs for their country.

24. I Saw This Person Today - I saw this person from my front patio with my zoom lens. I bet she didn't see me!

23. Time - Snack time!

22. Blurry - I was devastated when this photo that I set on timer of me and my college friends on our girls' weekend turned out blurry. The only positive is that I can use it for today's prompt... :-/

21. Fire - A big ball of fire in the sky...

20. On Your Mind - I was on my annual college girls' weekend yesterday (20th). We met in 1987 and nine of us have been friends ever since. It is the best thing in the world to have friends who you can talk to about anything and everything that is on your mind...even if you only see them once a year.

19. Button - I've looked everywhere but I can't find her 'mute' button!

18. Hello! from the farm...

17. Busy - This grasshopper is very busy eating our lemon tree! Naughty thing!!

16. Your Favourite Colour - I've had a thing for pink since forever. Not hot, bright, dark pink. Pretty, pale, pastel pink. I love it! Soft and dreamy. It was the colour of my wedding dress.

15. Alone - My husband and I went for a 5km walk in Noosa National Park this morning. At the end of the track was this beautiful beach. Looking at this photo you would think we were all alone, but oh no! We discovered, to our dismay, that it was a nudist beach. ICK....my eyes, my eyes!!

14. Water - The beautiful blend of sand, water, island and sky OR cool, crisp, crystal clear creek water...I couldn't decide. Can you?

13. View From Your Bed - We're high on a hill and our bedroom has two walls of windows and the best views. Here's one...

12. In The Middle - A lone water lily in the middle of the lily pads.

11. Detail - I love the detail in my millefiori glass pendant that I bought in Venice years ago.

10. A Place - A place I love but don't get back to often enough is the place where I grew up, the family farm.

9. Tiny - These tiny purple flowers may be weeds, but they're pretty weeds!

8. On Your Plate - Today we went for a picnic at the Mothar Mountain Rock Pools. It was beautiful! Here's my picnic plate.

7. Dreamy - I'm not sure why, but I find this photo dreamy. I snapped this rainbow lorikeet in our lilly pilly yesterday morning.

6. Air - You need a big puff of air to blow the candle out! Yes, it is Minnie Mouse's birthday today and she's 5.

5. Something Good - Selling all of these today! That is very good!! :)

4. This Happened Today - I took the kids to the duck pond for a run and scoot!

3. Something Beginning With A - My angel, Ava, playing Angry Birds.

2. Blue - The moon in the crystal clear blue sky.

1. Play - Yesterday we went to a barbecue. During the kids' games the Easter Bunny hopped in to play!

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  1. Beautiful photographs! Especially the moon pic, lovely!


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