Thursday, 29 August 2013

365 Days In Nature - August

31/8 Day 243 - Saturday Theme: Bird/s. Today's theme was a great excuse for me to go to the duck pond! I found lots of birds there, including nesting ibises. Looks like there'll be lots of baby ibises soon...they're so cute!

30/8 Day 242 - In a couple of months the jacarandas and poincianas will be a sea of purple and red. But right now they're all turning gold.

29/8 Day 241 - Pretty colours in the afternoon sky.

28/8 Day 240 - We saw this amazing creature at Underwater World on the Prep excursion today. It's a leafy sea dragon.

27/8 Day 239 - Look who was hanging around the bottlebrush beside the clothes line when I was bringing the washing in! I got so close and was surprised that he wasn't scared off. I couldn't choose my favourite so here are 4...

26/8 Day 238 - The jacaranda tree and a rainbow lorikeet silhouetted in the foggy morning.

25/8 Day 237 - I think this is a New Zealand Christmas Bush. Whatever it is, it's growing in my mother-in-law's garden and is very pretty.

24/8 Day 236 - Saturday Theme: Fruit  The mulberries are almost ready!

A collage of fruit from my archives, both edible and non-edible. All from our garden and my mother-in-law's garden.

23/8 Day 235 - The mango tree in the back yard is flowering.

22/8 Day 234 - I do love the colours of dusk, especially with a smoky horizon. I hope you're not sick of the view from my back yard yet. Clearly I'm not!

21/8 Day 233 - Another blue-faced honeyeater in our golden cane palm.

20/8 Day 232 - Where there's smoke...Taken from the top of the hill that we live on.

19/8 Day 231 - I was snapping the lemon buds when they where photobombed by a cute little bug!

18/8 Day 230 - A magpie-lark, or peewee, as I call them. It was much nicer to us than the nasty piece of work plover that swooped my Miss 5 this morning! I detest plovers!

17/8 Day 229 - Saturday Theme: Landscape  We walked to the top of Mount Emu (Peregian Mountain). It was an easy walk. Highly recommended if you live locally. The views from the top are spectacular! on earth do I choose one from the 69 that I took? This one I think... The rest I'll have to blog!

A slideshow of landscapes from my archives.

16/8 Day 228 - Some days it feels like you could just reach out and touch it!

15/8 Day 227 - The bottlebrushes are blooming lovely at the moment!

14/8 Day 226 - I worked today, took Miss 5 to Irish dancing, cooked the kids dinner, sat down at 5:45 and realized I hadn't taken a nature photo today! So I grabbed the camera and ran out the door saying, "I think I'm too late for my nature photo!!" But I think I was just in time.

13/8 Day 225 - I took the kids to the park this afternoon and while I was sitting under the fig tree, I managed to snap a figbird with a fig from the fig tree in it's beak! It's not very sharp because they move so quickly, it was difficult to capture this one.

12/8 Day 224 - The bauhinias are blooming!! Spring has sprung early!

11/8 Day 223 - One of my favourite views from our block. The line of trees on the faraway hill gets me every time!

10/8 Day 222 - Saturday Theme: Juxtaposition (Nature against man made)  The natural element, water, in a man made canal. And if you look closely, can you see what's lurking in the canal?

9/8 Day 221 - The mulberry tree is covered with baby mulberries!

8/8 Day 220 - It may be a windy winter afternoon, and a little chilly, but the sun is still blazing!

7/8 Day 219 - A beautiful winter morning sky. Oh, how I love winter!!

6/8 Day 218 - It's not the best rainbow lorikeet photo but this guy didn't hang around long enough and he wasn't a very good poser!

5/8 Day 217 - Same jacaranda tree, different bird. It's a Blue-faced Honeyeater today!

4/8 Day 216 - Seagulls by the sea shore...well, not the Noosa River. Oh how I wish it could be winter all year round. Another glorious day here in sunny Queensland!

3/8 Day 215 - Saturday Theme: Yellow Flowers  I've posted red grevilleas, a pretty peach and cream's is a yellow one, of course!

A collage of yellow flowers from my archives

2/8 Day 214 - It's my turn for a kookaburra shot today! There were three of them in the jacaranda tree. This was the best photo I got.

1/8 Day 213 - This spider web looked so pretty glistening in the a big shiny record!

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