Saturday, 31 August 2013

FMS Photo a Day Challenge - August

I've been playing along with the Photo a Day Challenge set by
for 12 whole months!

Clearly I'm addicted.
I add to this post daily
and also post the photos to
Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Facebook group.

1. Something Beginning With N - One of my favourite things!

2. Incomplete - We've been building ourselves a brand new kitchen! It's taken months and it's still incomplete. But we're on the home stretch...only bench tops, kick boards and tiles to go!

3. Skyline - The skyline from our backyard on a glorious winter day! The smoke that you can see is coming from the Nestle Factory and often the whole town smells like coffee!!

4. Fresh - Dreaming of our move out into the fresh, country air...

5. Early - Almost the same shot as the skyline photo from two days ago. But this one was taken early in the morning...6:20am...and it was a chilly 3°C.

6. This Means A Lot To Me - Family photos mean a lot to me. Old photos, baby photos, wedding photos, group photos...I always have them on display somewhere.

7. A Sign - A sign that autumn doesn't exist in this part of Queensland. The jacaranda leaves are only just starting to fall off the tree...and it's closer to the end of winter!

8. Peek-A-Boo - A swan taking a nap but keeping one eye on me!

9. 2. O'Clock - At 2 o'clock today I was out taking nature photos for my other group! Can you guess what this is?

10. Beverage - I was wondering what beverage to photograph, wine, champagne...when Miss 5 asked if I'd like a cup of tea! How could I refuse?

11. I Love Doing This! Getting out and about for a family picnic. We went to my favourite place today. This was the view from the picnic blanket. Guess where?

12. Macro - Miss 5 and I fell in love with this little duckling at the duck pond. It kept getting closer and closer. I think it thought it could eat the camera!

13. Fast - The wings on this little guy were going so fast you can barely see them!

14. Trash - Don't throw your old boot in the trash, nail it to a tree! This is in our street. I don't know why either. But it is pretty funny!

15. The Best - The best blooms in the garden right now are the bottlebrushes.

16. Cooking - I don't like cooking. But I don't mind cooking this because I make it so often I reckon I could almost do it in my sleep now!

17. Exercise - The Saturday theme for my other group today is landscape. So I thought I'd kill two birds, so to speak, and take the family for a walk up a mountain!! A nice easy mountain, Mt Emu, at Peregian. Our exercise was rewarded with spectacular views from the top.

18. Someone You Spoke To Today - These two...or should I say they spoke to me, incessantly, as usual!

19. Lost - One of our Bauhinia trees has finally lost its leaves and is beginning to bloom.

20. Stairs - One from the archives, way back before I had a digital camera! This was taken almost 11 years ago in Rome. I loved these stairs leading up to Palatine Hill.

21. Slow - I haven't seen a snail in the garden for ages. It's like this little guy knew the prompt for today and appeared especially for it!

22. A Room - A room full of kids (and teachers) all dressed up for Book Week.

23. Yellow - I spy daffodils on Daffodil Day.

24. In The Background -  From the archives, and I've used this before, but it was perfect for today. A photo we took using the timer back in the days of film. Us on our honeymoon in Europe, with a rather famous landmark in the background.

25. Culture - A bit of New Zealand culture on our Aussie beach.

26. Entrance - The entrance into my kids' school, and I where I teach. It's called St Patrick's...hence the shamrocks.

27. 10 Minutes From Home - Exactly 10 minutes from home is the site for our new home. Hopefully we'll be moving in this time next year...well, that's the plan.

28. Corridor - Today I went to Miss 5's Prep excursion to Underwater World. This is my favourite kind of corridor!

29. Lucky - I was very lucky to get so close to this gorgeous rainbow lorikeet while I was bringing the washing in this week.

30. Cluttered - My bedroom is getting very cluttered with my sewing and craft stuff. This is why I desperately need a sewing room...fingers crossed I'll get one in the new house!

31. Dangerous -  The danger of having Miss almost 6's birthday party at the park today was that the wind meant no candles to blow out! At least we got the sparkle candle can see how many matches that took!!

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