Saturday, 30 November 2013

FMS Photo a Day Challenge - November 2013

I've been playing along with the Photo a Day Challenge set by
for more than 12 months now and haven't missed a single day.
Nope, not one day!

Clearly I'm addicted.
I add to this post daily
and also post the photos to the
FMS Photo A Day Facebook group.

1. Fruit - Is this a fruit? I think so...

2. I did this today - Searched the garden for something red to photograph! Found it!!

3. P is for...pins and patience...both are required for hemming a beautiful formal dress!

4. Table - Our kitchen renovation is almost complete. We still need to do benchtops, splashback and tile the floor. But it was lovely to get some space back for a table.

5. I collect...books about the royal family. This is just a small sample of my collection, including the one in the middle (The Little Princesses) which belonged to my Grandma. I read it while I was staying with her when I was about 10 and I've loved everything royal ever since.

6. Music - A few of my favourite musical possessions.

7. Yes! My poinciana is finally starting to bloom. You can see the speck of red, can't you?

8. Someone I miss...more than college girls. This was our annual girls' weekend at Caloundra earlier this year. I only get to see them once a's not enough.

9. Mine - My brand new husband at Sea World on our honeymoon 11 years ago. You know I took this photo because you can see me in his sunnies!! I'm still so glad he's MINE! 

10. Book - My lovely sister has just released an e-BOOK of poems featuring my photographs...and a couple of our brother's. Yes, it is very exciting!!

11. A Memory - Our honeymoon is Europe is becoming a distant memory. I hope we go back someday.

12. Clouds - The most amazing clouds I've ever seen looked like angel's wings spreading right across the sky. It was too big to capture in one photo. The top photo was in the middle, the second photo was the right wing, and the bottom the left wing. Can you see it?

13. Part of me - The family farm where I grew up will always be a part of me. "You can take the girl out of the farm, but you can't take the farm out of the girl!"

14. Eating - I've been a little bit sick lately, nothing major...just a sore throat and a cold caught from the little Preppie beasties! I love eating soup when I'm not feeling too good. What's your comfort food when you're feeling sick?

15. In My Pocket/Purse - The school photos were taken in May, but I only just put them in my purse yesterday!! Didn't look at the prompt until today...great timing!

16. Play - When we were kids, my brother, sister and I loved to play in the hay shed with our cousins. Now my kids love to play with their cousins in the very same hay shed!

17. 5 O'Clock - A 5 o'clock (in the morning) visitor on our rusty guttering!

18. Mirror - Water...nature's perfect mirror.

19. Where You Ate Breakfast - Not today because I always eat my breakfast in front of the computer and that would be a really boring photo! This is where I ate breakfast when we had our last mini-break at a fancy hotel in January. I think we're due for another one!!

20. Communication - I know they're up early, but I don't care! Last year we couldn't find them, and the year before we didn't put them up. So when my husband found these in the garage yesterday afternoon, we put them up straight away. Christmas lights....communication of the Christmas spirit

21. I Wish I Had This...Jamie my house every my dinner! That's not asking for too much, is it?

22. Behind - I always walk behind my family when we go to special places. I think some of my best shots are when they're not looking.

23. Simplicity - I hope this speaks for itself.

24. A Word - I found this at my mother-in-law's this morning. Perfect for today's prompt!!

25. Quirky - I think for a flower, these are pretty quirky! It's called a Crucifix Orchid, but all I can see are Simpsons characters!

26. Message - This is part of a message from my Principal with words this tired little teacher needed to hear at this time of year.

27. No! Don't rock the boat!! My motto in life.

28. I Am Grateful For...peace and quiet in the morning, while the rest of the house is still sleeping. And opening the front doors to the delicious scent of the Murrayas and the beautiful Poincianas.

29. Black - Fireworks would be nothing without a black sky.

30. All Done - A friend at work asked me to make a dress for her baby granddaughter for a family wedding next weekend...after putting it off for weeks I've been working on it all day and it's finally ALL DONE!!

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