Friday, 31 January 2014

365 Days of Man's Mark on the World - January 2014

At the beginning of 2013 I began a 365 Project called 365 Days In Nature.
This year I'm continuing that one and starting a new one called 365 Days of Man's Mark on the World.
My goal is to take a photo of something man made every day for the whole year.
I've started a Facebook group to share our photos.
If you want to join us, you can find us here... 365 Days of Man's Mark on the World

Day 1 - 1st Jan - Man's way of creating a water view...gotta love the canals!

Day 2 - 2nd Jan - Pools are a great man made invention for the kids!

Day 3 - 3rd Jan - A man made Pelican rest stop.

(Weekend Theme: Wrack & Ruin)

Day 4 - 4th Jan - All that remains of the SS Dicky on Dicky Beach, Caloundra.

Day 5 - 5th Jan - Fishing from the Military Jetty at Golden Beach, Caloundra.

Day 6 - 6th Jan - Things my husband has dug up in the back yard...artefacts?

Day 7 - 7th Jan - We like to decorate our world! Apparently the Christmas Tree should come down today...that may or may not happen.

Day 8 - 8th Jan - This is my 6 year old daughter's mark on the world. She sat for ages painting this today.

Day 9 - 9th Jan - Man needs a BIG shed!

Day 10 - 10th Jan - A good old Aussie invention. Every Australian backyard should have one!

(Weekend Theme: Lines) 

Day 11 - 11th Jan - At the bottom of Mount Coolum I saw this wooden fence and I liked the lines.

Day 12 - 12th Jan - Man made rock steps almost all the way to the top of Mount Coolum to make it easier for anyone to get to the top!

Day 13 - 13th Jan - The lovely old clock tower that we can see from our front patio. It was built in 1945And is rarely the right time. I took this at 10:45am!

Day 14 - 14th Jan - As a civilization, where would we be without the folding chair? ;)

Day 15 - 15th Jan - Man made music.

Day 16 - 16th Jan - The lovely old house across the road.

Day 17 - 17th Jan - The cross on the top of our church, St Patrick's in Gympie.

(Weekend Theme: Sculpture

Day 18 - 18th Jan - The infinity sculpture at Maroochy Botanic Gardens.

Day 19 - 19th Jan - Man made in the middle of Summer! Two hours of 14°C....perfect!!

Day 20 - 20th Jan - Another aspect of our view...a street in our country town with just one of the pubs!

Day 21 - 21st Jan - More pretty houses in our street. I love this style of house.

Day 22 - 22nd Jan - Man-made-do-it-yourself tiling. I was the assistant today. It's very messy but we're getting there!

Day 23 - 23rd Jan - Man made by my man for dinner last night. Can you say "YUM"?!

Day 24 - 24th Jan - An old disused gold mine shaft in our town.

(Weekend Theme: Got it in RED)

Day 25 - 25th Jan - A cute little birdie ornament in our courtyard.

Day 26 - 26th Jan - Happy Australia Day!! Taken at a car show this morning.

Day 27 - 27th Jan - Another one from the car show yesterday. Check out that steering wheel...and the fluffy dice!

Day 28 - 28th Jan - Sticking with the car show...a really old fire truck!

Day 29 - 29th Jan - A big part of what our town was all about. This is at the museum.

Day 30 - 30th Jan - A water fountain at the duck pond. Man's way of making a natural element even prettier.

Day 31 - 31st Jan - Some old cattle yards near Kenilworth.

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