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365 Days of Man's Mark on the World - February 2014

At the beginning of 2013 I began a 365 Project called 365 Days In Nature.
This year I'm continuing that one and starting a new one called 365 Days of Man's Mark on the World.
My goal is to take a photo of something man made every day for the whole year.
I've started a Facebook group to share our photos.
If you want to join us, you can find us here... 365 Days of Man's Mark on the World

Day 32 - 1st Feb - Weekend Theme: Symmetry - Our new patio railing...

Day 33 - 2nd Feb - Today we stopped into the Matilda transit stop for ice-creams after our mountain climb! And we had to say hello to Matilda. She is "the" Matilda from the 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games.

Day 34 - 3rd Feb - Cut crystal...something man made and pretty!

Day 35 - 4th Feb - Man made it, now we can't live without it.

Day 36 - 5th Feb - I've been struggling to come up with photos for this group. I was hoping to be able to take photos of buildings, things around town, transport...but I'm stuck at home most of the day. Clearly I need to get out and about more! So I'm going to use some from my archives until I do.

I like this one of the golden light on the buildings at Coolangatta. Taken from the back balcony of our unit last September.

Day 37 - 6th Feb - Here's one from last March. Any idea what this is?

Day 38 - 7th Feb - I've been watching and loving all of the movies to celebrate 10 years of Facebook. What a mark on the world it has made!!

Day 39 - 8th Feb - Weekend Theme: Walls - Murals on one of the walls in our ANZAC memorial lane.

Day 40 - 9th Feb - These cranes don't look very big behind the new housing estate walls, but they are actually massive and are building the new hospital at Kawana.

Day 41 - 10th Feb - We visited more display homes yesterday and I loved this water feature.

Day 42 - 11th Feb - Power lines.

Day 43 - 12th Feb - The view from the classroom of the school verandah railing...and the kids playing. Spot the soccer ball...

Day 44 - 13th Feb - Windsurfers at Caloundra last June...they were getting some big air!!

Day 45 - 14th Feb - Happy Valentine's Day!

Day 46 - 15th Feb - Weekend Theme: Old House - I LOVE old houses!! So I'm going to carry this theme over the whole week. There are so many beautiful old houses in our town. This is my favourite...

Day 47 - 16th Feb - Staying with the Old House theme as promised...this grand old lady lives on the corner of our street. Don't you just love her? I drive past every day wishing she was mine!

Day 48 - 17th Feb - Another gorgeous old house in my town, not in my street this time. A lot of old homes here have been turned into businesses. This lovely old house is now a dental clinic.

Day 49 - 18th Feb - This old house is an original slab hut that was relocated to our gold museum. Imagine living in one of these...dirt floor and all!

Day 50 - 19th Feb - This old house is not far from our town. We were on a country drive and stumbled across it. I'd love to know its history.

Day 51 - 20th Feb - Now for an old house that I lived in when I left home for the first time to go to teacher's college. This was an old monastery that was turned into our college residence for 'country kids'. I lived here for one year and loved it! My room was middle floor, second arched window. I believe it is now an aged care facility.

Day 52 - 21st Feb - My last old house for this week's theme. This is the oldest house I've seen, one from ancient Rome on Palatine Hill.

Day 53 - 22nd Feb - Weekend Theme: Transportation - Here's a twofer....

Day 54 - 23rd Feb -  Sticking with transport...this is a fun way to get around on the farm!

Day 55 - 24th Feb - One of the Kookaburra River Queen Paddlewheelers. A lovely way to travel (and eat) on the Brisbane River.

Day 56 - 25th Feb - A coach arriving on the farm for a tour of the robotic dairy. They have quite a few of these visiting every week.

Day 57 - 26th Feb - Transportation at the beach...a tinny.

Day 58 - 27th Feb - Transportation in the 'olden days'.

Day 59 - 28th Feb - Last day of transportation...this is our only mode of transportation.

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  1. Some interesting captures for your project, not an easy one.


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