Wednesday, 30 April 2014

FMS Photo a Day Challenge - April 2014

I've been playing along with the Photo a Day Challenge set by
since August 2012 and haven't missed a single day.
Nope, not one day!

Now I'm back at it for another New Year.
I add to this post daily
and also post the photos to the
FMS Photo A Day Facebook group.

01. SOMETHING PURPLE - I made this for a friend who loves purple!

02. IN MY HAND - My favourite thing to hold in my hand...Miss 6's hand...which is not much smaller than mine now!

03. SHAPES - As I put these into my child's lunch box I feel like such a bad mother. Why can't I stick to healthy stuff??

04. GOOD TOGETHER - Wine and cheese and Friday afternoons!!

Second choice - Maths and my boy are good together...he just came 2nd out of all the Year 4s in the school Maths Challenge.

05. NOT MINE - Last week the theme for our Nature group was "Family Pets". We don't have any so I used a friend's. This little possum lives with my friend's family...not mine.

06. A TASTE OF SPRING/AUTUMN - The garden looking like Spring on a foggy Autumn morning.

07. WHERE I'D RATHER BE - I'm pretty happy to be home on the first day of school holidays today, but if I could be anywhere else, I'd rather be in our new home that we haven't started building yet that hopefully has a water feature something like this.....ahhhhhhhh the serenity.....

08. HOBBY - It's day two of school holidays and that means I can sit here and enjoy my hobby all day if I want to, and I probably will...after I've done the laundry and fed the children. At least there are no school lunches to make!

09. DARK - These clouds rolled in over our house on Sunday night. I do love a good storm!!

10. MY FAVE PART OF THE DAY - Wine time on the patio late in the afternoon...yeah...nice! Cheers!!

11. 3 OF A KIND - 3 geese at the local duck pond.

12. ON MY LEFT - On my left....hand. I love my wedding rings!

13. MORE PLEASE! I finished my coffee in my brand new cup...isn't it pretty!? MORE PLEASE!

14. DIRTY - The dairy is pretty dirty in the afternoon just before cleaning time!

15. I'M READING THIS - One of my favourite genres is Australian rural fiction. And having just come to the family farm for a few days I thought it was a perfect time to start my new book. I haven't read any by Rachael Johns before...but I love similar books by Fiona Palmer, Karly Lane & Fleur McDonald.

16. MY VICE - Well, I thought this was going to be the easiest prompt so far this month...until I read the definition of vice! My vice is too much wine!! (Can you have too much wine?) But I've brought the kids to Mum & Dad's at the family farm for a few days and we don't drink wine every night's like my detox centre. So going with the definition Chantelle posted in her guidelines... "something you just don't want to give up..." it has to be photography! It's not exactly a "bad" habit but you should have seen me outside in the cold last night like a mad woman, setting up my makeshift tripod of a kitchen chair and Mum's old rubber boot on the concrete tank to snap the lunar eclipse. What I got is not perfect...but I was pretty happy with it!

17. SOMETHING I LEARNED - Something I learned from my little brother this week is that he doesn't like the fame/celebrity associated with being Farmer Gregie. So what does the stirring big sister do? Call him famous every opportunity I get!!

18. GOOD - Good Friday is a good day for a family picnic with a great view!

19. MONEY - Playing cards is my Miss 6's new favourite thing to do. But we don't play for money, we play for fun!!

20. EGG - Give me a real egg over a chocolate one any day. Happy Easter!

21. CLOSE - As the school holidays draw to a close I'm madly mending Miss 6's uniforms...something I was going to do every day for the past two weeks! I'm such a last minute person!!

22. FOUR THINGS - Buttons...and flowers.

23. ENTRANCE - The entrance to our beautiful sandstone church.

24. A POP OF COLOUR - And one ready to pop!

25. REMEMBER - We will remember them on ANZAC Day.

26. ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS - Out on an early morning stroll to photograph chimneys for the other group I walked right past this little thing without seeing it. I only saw it walking back because the sunlight was behind it. I enjoyed snapping it, and was glad I didn't walk into it in the first place!!

27. UNDER MY FEET - The beach...don't you love that feeling when you start to sink in?

28. CHAOTIC - Walking into the crowds and the setting sun at the local show while trying to take photographs can be a bit chaotic!

29. CONTRAST - I love the contrast of the blue sky against the velvety red rose bud.

30. SOMETHING SILLY - When I say, "Make some silly faces" Miss 6 is always happy to oblige.

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