Monday, 30 June 2014

365 Days In Nature - June 2014

I began taking a nature photo on the 1st of January 2013.
My goal was to take one every day for the whole year.
I achieved that, now I'm back for another year.
I started a Facebook group to share our nature photos.
It has grown to more than 200 members from all around the world.
And it's the best group on Facebook.
No, I'm not at all biased!
If you want to join us, you can find us here... 365 Days In Nature

Day 152 - 1st June ~ Feathers, Fur or Fins: Our foster cat, Simba, has lots of fur! His owners bought a big German Shepherd into their yard and he doesn't want to go home. So he's hanging out with us for a while. I don't mind, I love him!

Day 153 - 2nd June ~ Feathers, Fur or Fins: Fins on one of my favourite animals. I love dolphins. A few years ago we got to feed and pat them at Sea World. The head dolphin trainer (at the time) lived next door to my parents at the farm and gave them tickets for the whole family, and a private show just for us. It was awesome!!

Day 154 - 3rd June ~ Feathers, Fur or Fins: Brightly coloured feathers on our visitor late yesterday afternoon.

Day 155 - 4th June ~ Feathers, Fur or Fins: I have what on my horns?? 

Day 156 - 5th June ~ Feathers, Fur or Fins: Lots of pretty fins at Underwater World.

Day 157 - 6th June ~ Feathers, Fur or Fins: My final one for this theme...fur and fins on the most adorable seal at Underwater World.

Day 158 - 7th June ~ Scales: OK, taking a deep breath and jumping into SCALES! Preparing myself for snakes, so will start with one myself. Maybe my phobia will be cured this week by immersion!

Day 159 - 8th June ~ Scales: Today we have a gorgeous goanna. I love seeing these in the wild, this one was at a wildlife park, but I don't want to get too close...they are HUGE!

Day 160 - 9th June ~ Scales: On a big croc!

Day 161 - 10th June ~ Scales: This little guy is giving me the "What are you looking at?" eye!

Day 162 - 11th June ~ Scales: I've used this photo before for "Camouflage", but it's perfect for scales, too.

Day 163 - 12th June ~ Scales: Scales on a baby bearded dragon.

Day 164 - 13th June ~ Scales: The final photo for the scales theme...big scales on a big fish.

Day 165 - 14th June ~ In The Garden: My mother-in-law has just moved house and has a lovely new garden with all kinds of flowers, fruits and vegetables. So this week all of my photos will be from her garden. This is my favourite.

Day 166 - 15th June ~ In The Garden: This was a total surprise for me, a flower on a kangaroo paw. I always thought the fluffy coloured part was the flower.

Day 167 - 16th June ~ In The Garden: A pretty nasturtium in my mother-in-law's garden.

Day 168 - 17th June ~ In The Garden: I loved the red/blue combination in my mother-in-law's garden. Couldn't decide which one I liked in focus.

Day 169 - 18th June ~ In The Garden: I don't know what this flower in my mother-in-law's garden is, but I loved the shape.

Day 170 - 19th June ~ In The Garden: Another pretty flower in my mother-in-law's garden. Does anyone know what this is?

Day 171 - 20th June ~ In The Garden: The last pretty flower from my mother-in-law's garden. Another one that I don't know.

Day 172 - 21st June ~ All time best photo you like of Nature: This is my all time favourite...I bring Duckie out quite regularly.

Day 173 - 22nd June ~ All time best photo you like of Nature: I still can't believe my luck in capturing this one. Love everything about it.

Day 174 - 23rd June ~ All time best photo you like of Nature: I was very excited to capture this gorgeous little Brown Honeyeater in my Mum's garden a while ago because they're so small and fast I hardly ever see them.

Day 175 - 24th June ~ All time best photo you like of Nature: I don't know what this is, it was taken in the Noosa Botanic Gardens. But I like how dramatic it turned out.

Day 176 - 25th June ~ All time best photo you like of Nature: I love this one because the petals look so soft and perfect.

Day 177 - 26th June ~ All time best photo you like of Nature: I love these Gloriosa Lilies, they look like hot air balloons.

Day 178 - 27th June ~ All time best photo you like of Nature: I have taken a gazillion photos of Rainbow Lorikeets, but this one is my favourite.

Day 179 - 28th June ~ Fruit & Vegetables: We have just arrived at our holiday unit and I brought these with us. Well, can't live without avocados and home grown limes!

Day 180 - 29th June ~ Fruit & Vegetables: Asparagus at Aldi this morning.

Day 181 - 30th June ~ Fruit & Vegetables: Pandanus fruit beside the footpath at the beach.

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