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365 Days of Man's Mark on the World - June 2014

At the beginning of 2013 I began a 365 Project called 365 Days In Nature.
This year I'm continuing that one and starting a new one called 365 Days of Man's Mark on the World.
My goal is to take a photo of something man made every day for the whole year.
I've started a Facebook group to share our photos.
If you want to join us, you can find us here... 365 Days of Man's Mark on the World

Day 152 - 1st June - Letter/Mail/Post Boxes - Another one along the same road as yesterday's...with a rather boring mail box to the left.

Day 153 - 2nd June - Letter/Mail/Post Boxes - Another one...same road...

Day 154 - 3rd June - Letter/Mail/Post Boxes - This is a rather elaborate one!

Day 155 - 4th June - Letter/Mail/Post Boxes - A cute little piggy today.

Day 156 - 5th June - Letter/Mail/Post Boxes - Another crazy mail box. Probably not the best view of this one, but remember I was taking all of these photos from the car!

Day 157 - 6th June - Letter/Mail/Post Boxes - My last mail box from the road to Kin Kin. I discovered that many of them are probably made by local metal artist, Steve Weis.

Day 158 - 7th June - Historical - The historical train station in town is very pretty.

Day 159 - 8th June - Historical - I love the historical facades on the buildings in our main street.

Day 160 - 9th June - Historical - The original town hall was built in 1890.

Day 161 - 10th June - Historical - The old gold mine shaft near the duck pond is a big historical feature of our town.

Day 162 - 11th June - Historical - A display inside the Woodworks Museum.

Day 163 - 12th June - Historical - One of the best preserved buildings from ancient Roman history, The Pantheon. I've seen it twice, would love make it three times!

Day 164 - 13th June - Historical - This is a brand new house (the Endeavour prize home at Maleny that we're doing to win next week!) but it is built as a replica of the historical Queenslander style house.

Day 165 - 14th June - Wheels - A fast moving wheel on an engine.

Day 166 - 15th June - Wheels - Big wheels used for pulling logs out of the forest.

Day 167 - 16th June - Wheels - The wheels on the bus....this bus happens to belong to my cousins. They often bring tour groups to the farm.

Day 168 - 17th June - Wheels - Another BIG wheel...the Wheel of Brisbane.

Day 169 - 18th June - Wheels - Well this may be my worst photo this year but I'm using it anyhow! I saw this penny-farthing in the window of the bike shop on Monday and was dying to photograph it. So I took my point & shoot camera with me on the way to the doctor this morning and snapped it. The shop was still closed and I got a big reflection of the street in the window. BUT you can still see lots of wheels so it fits the brief for this week!

Day 170 - 19th June - Wheels - My son's bicycle wheel.

Day 171 - 20th June - Wheels - Very old wheels and steering wheel.

Day 172 - 21st June - Lamp Posts/Lighting - Wheels, two lamp post and my husband in Paris a long time ago!

Day 173 - 22nd June - Lamp Posts/Lighting - A pretty candle.

Day 174 - 23rd June - Lamp Posts/Lighting - He was back in Brisvegas this week and I didn't get to see him. But 18 months ago I did. Loved Keith! And loved this lighting....right in front of our seats!

Day 175 - 24th June - Lamp Posts/Lighting - Another pelican perch.

Day 176 - 25th June - Lamp Posts/Lighting - Just a street light in Caloundra, but I like it in black & white.

Day 177 - 26th June - Lamp Posts/Lighting - Similar to Chantal's but a lot older. I took this in Venice in 2002.

Day 178 - 27th June - Lamp Posts/Lighting - I really wanted a photo of a chandelier for this theme, but I had no opportunities to take one this week and don't have any in the archives...except for this one. Medieval style chandeliers at the Sunshine Castle, Bli Bli.

Day 179 - 28th June - Roads/Footpaths - The road to the family farm...that hundreds of cars used today!

Day 180 - 29th June - Roads/Footpaths - From country roads yesterday, to city roads today. The streets below our holiday unit.

Day 181 - 30th June - Roads/Footpaths - A road and a footpath right beside the beach.

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  1. I like your man's marks. I love to see the junk yards where men have created unique sculptures, especially the ones with auto parts. Nice post. xo Jenny


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