Sunday, 31 August 2014

365 Days In Nature - August 2014

I began taking a nature photo on the 1st of January 2013.
My goal was to take one every day for the whole year.
I achieved that, now I'm back for another year.
I started a Facebook group to share our nature photos.
It has grown to more than 200 members from all around the world.
And it's the best group on Facebook.
No, I'm not at all biased!
If you want to join us, you can find us here... 365 Days In Nature

Day 213 - 1st August ~ The Weather: The final weather photo, ending the week as it began...with a foggy morning.

Day 214 - 2nd August ~ Insects: A praying mantis, looks like he's saying hello.

Day 215 - 3rd August ~ Insects: I think this is a Hover Fly. Snapped this one in my garden.

Day 216 - 4th August ~ Insects: A Harlequin Bug, this is the only one I've ever seen.

Day 217 - 5th August ~ Insects: A little grasshopper on a pretty pink rose.

Day 218 - 6th August ~ Insects: Just a regular fly on a daisy bud.

Day 219 - 7th August ~ Insects: I spy a grasshopper!

Day 220 - 8th August ~ Insects: The "end" of insects week!

Day 221 - 9th August ~ Reflections: My favourite reflection Pelican Bay, Inskip Point.

Day 222 - 10th August ~ Reflections: I like this one of gum trees in the pond, it almost looks like a painting.

Day 223 - 11th August ~ Reflections: A swan at our duck pond.

Day 224 - 12th August ~ Reflections: Another favourite reflection, this one is from the farm.

Day 225 - 13th August ~ Reflections: Reflections in the rock pools at Mothar Mountain.

Day 226 - 14th August ~ Reflections: A seagull and its reflection.

Day 227 - 15th August ~ Reflections: Pretty reflections in the Mary River.

Day 228 - 16th August ~ Colourful: Starting the colourful week with a pretty, colourful garden in the park across the road from our house.

Day 229 - 17th August ~ Colourful: Colourful flowers in my mother-in-law's garden, plus a bee and a ladybird!

Day 230 - 18th August ~ Colourful: Wattle is very colourful against the blue sky.

Day 231 - 19th August ~ Colourful: More colour from my mother-in-law's garden.

Day 232 - 20th August ~ Colourful: More pretty colours from the same garden...marigolds and violas?

Day 233 - 21st August ~ Colourful: Another colourful bunch of flowers that I don't know and the final one from my mother-in-law's garden...

Day 234 - 22nd August ~ Colourful: We've seen lots of these this week. Here's my rainbow lorikeet.

Day 235 - 23rd August ~ Organic: Mossy rocks in the forest.

Day 236 - 24th August ~ Organic: Home grown capsicums.

Day 237 - 25th August ~ Organic: A pretty heart shaped leaf in the forest.

Day 238 - 26th August ~ Organic: Miss 6 loves growing her own strawberries.

Day 239 - 27th August ~ Organic: A mushroom on the forest floor.

Day 240 - 28th August ~ Organic: Home grown pumpkin...not mine but wish it was!

Day 241 - 29th August ~ Organic: A fallen tree, covered in moss, on the forest floor.

Day 242 - 30th August ~ Floral: A perfectly pretty pink camelia.

Day 243 - 31st August ~ Floral: One of my favourites.

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