Sunday, 31 August 2014

FMS Photo a Day Challenge - August 2014

I've been playing along with the Photo a Day Challenge set by
since August 2012 and haven't missed a single day.
Nope, not one day!

Now I'm back at it for another New Year.
I add to this post daily
and also post the photos to the
FMS Photo A Day Facebook group.

1. Landscape - The mountain rising from the landscape that my husband climbed this morning while I sat reading my sister's book in the car!

2. Lunch - Home made pizza today...yum!

3."S" is for - "S"imply "S"tunning "S"ky just after "S"unset.

4. In the middle - My husband and son look like they're in the middle of the desert...but really they're in the middle of the sand blow at Rainbow Beach.

Fab Four

5. Pile - A pile of books by some of my favourite authors, including two of my sister's!

6. Grateful for - I am grateful for the roof over our heads...even if it is rusty!

7. Spot - My favourite picnic spot, it feels like the top of the world!

8. Pet peeve - The over/under I the only one who doesn't care? As long as there is paper on there...I'm happy!

9. Mix - I love the mix of blue and brown feathers on our little visitor this morning.

10. Art - One of the most famous art works of all time...possibly "the" most famous.

11. Mirror - Nature's mirror...the Mary River viewed through the Dickabram Bridge.

12. Gather - My boy wanted to gather up a big pile of leaves just so he could jump into them. Why not, I say?

13. Inside - My little girl is very happy inside the cubby house that I made for her.

14. Give - For the past two years I have done the Relay For Life. I've just signed up to do it again in October this year. I hope lots of people give generously to this very worthy cause.

15. Clouds - Amazing clouds over Mt Barney.

16. Clean -'s raining!! Settling the dust and washing everything clean.

17. Dinner - Part of my mother-in-law's birthday dinner today...barbecued corn on the was SO good!

Divine 9

18. Arrow - It's something o'clock...

19. To-Do - My pretty 'to do' notepaper.

20. Before bedtime - is bathtime...of course! 

21. Decorate - It's something that I don't particularly enjoy...possibly because I'm not very good at it...but I must admit, I was pretty happy with this effort. When I asked my little boy how he wanted me to decorate his 2nd birthday cake he said only 2 & Bob. I think I nailed it! It was quite a long time ago now...he'll be 10 next month!! Where does the time go?

22. Words - On a page full of words, which one jumps out at you?

23. Style - At this time of year most shops around town decorate their windows 'country style' for the Gympie Music Muster which starts this Thursday. I wonder if Ronan got his ticket...

24. Fragrant - Can you smell it?

25. Mail - A parcel, all ready to take to the post office and pop it in the mail. What's inside? I'll show you in the comments.

26. Breakfast - It was an egg on toast for me this morning, but I wish I was back at our favourite hotel enjoying this again...

27. Dull - Today at school started out sunny and bright, then around lunch time it got very dull and storms passed all around us. I only had three children crying! Can you see our groundsman in his yellow raincoat?

28. Travel - My favourite 'travel' photo. We set the old film camera down on the stone wall, put the timer on and hoped for the best. We didn't know what we got until we had the film developed back at home. 

29. Dessert - My Miss 6 made her own dessert last night and she was pretty proud of it!

30. Nearby - A 10 minute walk from home and right next door to my husband's work place, is the 'Australian Institute of Country Music'. Country music is a pretty big deal in our town because we have Caitlyn Shadbolt, a graduate of the institute on The X-Factor and the Gympie Music Muster happening right now...nearby.

31. 10am - At 10am we were stopped at lights in the middle of nowhere for road works. At least we had a pretty view!

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