Thursday, 22 September 2011

Another Bromeliad

This is very similar to the Matchsticks Bromeliad that I snapped a little while ago.
Aren't these flower spikes amazing?
They don't even look real!


  1. I am sooo slack and haven't visited. Now I am jealous. Not really. A M A Z E D. your shots are the bomb. In each there is something that no-one can teach "have IT" and there is no doubt about it. WONDERFUL world you are making there Thea ! X

  2. I've never had a really close look at these. I like them better in macro than at a distance.

  3. Your flower shots never cease to amaze me ... this is a great shot of a very interesting looking flower. And Denyse is right - you do have talent. Can't wait for you to start playing with the new camera.

  4. Oh gorgeous Thea! They look like a tree of little burst frankfurts! Haha, or maybe that's just my opinion ;o)
    Beautiful shot xo

  5. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments! :)


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