Saturday, 24 September 2011


I've been having a pink patch on my other blog...
Two pink posts this week...
Here and Here

So I've picked a pretty little pink flower for today's photo.
This, I've discovered after some Google searching, is an Indian Hawthorn flower.
We have a row of these little bushes in our front garden and the flowers are very small...
But they are delightful, don't you think?
I can't stop photographing them.


  1. It's delightful Thea. I have never heard of it before but will keep an eye out for it. How wonderful to have them in your garden.

  2. Utterly delightful Thea! I can't get enough of pink flowers either. We have a tree in our yard with tiny pink flowers on it... no idea what it is, but it makes me smile when I see it :o)
    Gorgeous shot xo


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