Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Nikon D3100 versus Nikon Coolpix S8000

OK, so this post is not going to be one photo but many.

Today I took my fancy new camera, which I do love the look and feel of, out for it's first run.
We went to my favourite snapping spot...the duck pond.
I also took my trusty old point & shoot...and I'm so glad I did or I would have completely missed the gorgeous egret because I could not have got anywhere near as close (zoom-wise) with the new camera.

I took these with my old Nikon S8000...

I've never seen baby ibises before...so cute!

The babies are growing up way too fast!

I took these with the new Nikon D3100...

This is as close as I could get.

And then in the afternoon I visited a friend who bought the same camera last week (we are camera twins!)
She has gorgeous flowers in her garden so we both did some happy snapping in her garden.

The old camera...

And then the battery died....dammit!

And the new camera...

And that's it.
A lot of photos in one day with two cameras.
What do you think?
All opinions and suggestions are most welcome.


  1. Hiya, first of all, I hear you on the 'pain' of finding that the new camera didn't do something as well as the old. It can be such a disappointment when you have paid for a so-called better camera.
    All that aside, since I got the Canon 600D I find it a burden sometimes as it takes more fussing about than my point and shoot. So, I take both. Just like you did. Because there IS nothing worse than a missed shot.
    My lessons in DSLR have been good but not as good as I hoped for me because I am much more of a quick, click and look photographer to capture many moments, rather than take loads of time to compose. I do need to learn much more about my manual settings because I was soooo annoyed with myself after reviewing pics I had taken on special tour with my granddaughter, the exposure was too high ...grr. You can't go back to replicate. I spent 1000s on the package I got, and it includes a v expensive (for me) macro and I haven't used it yet. The new camera for you will need to become what you want it to do. So, I do understand, and you need 2 cameras...have you got a camera bag for them as well as spare batteries? Love D XX

  2. First of all. congratulations on the new camera. As you know I have the same camera and I know you will love it as you learn how to make it work its magic for you. Having said that, having an SLR or DSLR is something new for you and expect that you will be learning how to use it for years to come. At this point it is not that the new camera cannot do what the old could - it can - but A) you don't know how to get the maximum potential out of it yet, and B) this is a camera that will grow with you over the years. As you learn and add new lenses, you will be amazed at what you can do. But this is a craft/art that you don't learn right away. When I got my Nikon D3100 - my first DSLR after decades of a manual film based SLR - I thought I could just pick it up and go. However, I was in for a shock, and I am still learning what this camera can do for me. So don't get discouraged, and take it in small steps as I am doing as well. We can hold each other's hand through this journey of discovery.

    And as for the point and shoot. I still found days in Disney World where I found it more convenient to have something I could slip in my pocket and take pictures of the grandtwins than bring the DSLR. :-)

  3. And remember that it is never the camera which takes good pictures, it is the person using the camera. I have told you in the past that you have a good photographic eye. Now you have a new tool to use to turn what your eye sees into captured images.

  4. I think they're ALL beautiful photos, how awesome that you took so many. I'm the same, can't help myself from snapping away ;o)
    Personally, I still like the trusty old camera, though the pics with the new camera still look lovely and professional. Maybe I'm a bit bias towards the old faithful!
    You're poppets are adorable by the way xo

  5. I love your ibis and egret photos Thea. Your white rose photo with your new camera is very special too, lots of potential there.


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