Thursday, 3 January 2013

Day 3 - 365 Days In Nature

Every day one of the first things I do is check the weather radar.
We haven't had any decent rain for so long.
This is what the sky looks like today.
Could they possibly be rain clouds.
Oh please.....say yes!

I'd love to see your nature snap.
Post it to my facebook wall if you like.
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  1. I love clouds and am hoping when we are at sea that I can photograph some nice ones ... did you get your rain?

  2. Hey Thea, I found your blog through Mark Fendricks. It turns out I posted a nature shot today as part of my 365 project.
    Thanks for looking!

  3. I guess it's hot where you are right now. Im in SA and it was 46 today and 48 tomorrow... I'm staying inside under the air conditioning

    1. Yes, it's hot. But nothing like what you're experiencing!! Feeling for you Southerners!!! Not nice!

    2. 46°? 48°? I have never experienced temps that high ... and never hope to!!!! Stay cool!!


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