Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Lookout at Cooran

On the weekend my 8 year old boy remembered the last time we went to
 the Lookout at Cooran and wanted to go back.
So go back we did.
It was our third picnic to this scenic location, and we had it all to ourselves...again!
We love it here.
The scenery and views are spectacular.
It's so quiet and peaceful.
The kids can run free.
And we feel like we're on top of the world!

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  1. That place looks lovely!! I love places like that, so relaxing!

  2. What a beautiful place. No wonder you go there often :)

  3. Such gorgeous pics! LOVE the one of the bird in the tree. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Happy family! And the kids really cute! Love them.

  5. Wow - what amazing photos. Looks like a great place for children to explore.

  6. You really take the best pictures. That looks like a really nice spot for a bit of an adventure!!

  7. You've inspired me to pack the kids in car and get amongst nature this weekend, unless it's too hot!

  8. wow! What a special place!! Thats cool! Gives us motivation to get in that car and discover new places!

  9. Looks like a special place, and a wonderful way to get away from the pace of every day :)
    x Sannah

  10. Looks like a great spot. Stunning pictures as usual!

  11. I love when you score a beautiful place all to yourself, it makes it sooo relaxing and you can just enjoy nature! Beautiful!

  12. Lovely photos! It's great to get picnic places to yourself. Doesn't usually happen that least not for me! :)

  13. What a fantastic location. Do you realize, you have just told the rest of the world about it! Looks marvelous, I am sure you have done them all a favour :)


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