Saturday, 25 May 2013

A Walk Around the Block at Pelican Waters

Today my husband and I got a rare opportunity to go for a little stroll together...sans children!
Their Grandma took them for a bike/scotter ride so we escaped as well.
I took my I have to tell you that!
And here is what I snapped...

I think this is a female or juvenile fig bird.

Bird of stunning are these flowers?!

Someone told me these are called Crucifix Orchids.

I don't know about you, but I see Simpsons characters in these flowers!

Beautiful bougainvillea! It's almost winter but these make it look like summer all year around!

A sweet Blue Faced Honeyeater

I spy a Crested Pigeon in the tree!

A juvenile Blue Faced Honeyeater...which is green faced.

A scrub/bush/brush turkey. What do you call them?

I was willing myself to see a stingray in the canal today...and guess what...?!

A banksia seed pod.

Old man banksia


  1. Great photos but especially love the Crucifix Orchids :)

  2. WOW!! No wonder you wanted to share them all. They are really beautiful. Thanks for the ID on the Crucifix Orchids. I took a pic of them several weeks ago and had no idea what type of orchid they are.

  3. Nice - and how many times can I tell you I am jealous of all the wonderful things you can photograph - even at a time of year that here we would have practically nothing to take pix of.

    Still hoping to get there next year - you will take me on a photo walk, won't you? :-)


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