Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Goomeri Pumpkin Festival

Every year we hear a lot about the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival, but had never been.
Until today, that is!
We arrived after 10:30 to a town FULL of people and cars!
We found a car park in the sports grounds and went off to investigate.
We loved the Antique Car Display.

After a short wander around we went back to the car park and had a picnic.

There wasn't too much to see other than markets.
Oh...apart from pumpkins, of course!

Those are some BIG pumpkins!

Yes, it does say 220kg!!

We couldn't decided whether we should stay for the Great Australian Pumpkin Roll or not...
two hours is a long time to fill!

"Should we stay or should we go?"

My husband noticed a sign for Kinbombi Falls as we were driving into town.
He suggested we go for a drive to see it and then go back for "The Roll".
So we did.
But I'm the only one who saw the falls because my husband declared the rail and stairs officially 'dodgy'!

We were in two minds about returning to Goomeri, we wondered whether we'd get another car park and get close enough to see anything.
But Miss 5 started crying because she didn't want to miss it, so we returned!
We found a really close (free!) car park in the church grounds
and staked out the best spot at the top of Policeman's Hill.
Now we just had an hour to wait..........
But it was worth it.
What fun!!

The TV cameras were there

A little cutie

A big cutie

And we're rolling!!

The cutest!


"Go pumpkin...GO!"

A butternut pumpkin?

Check out that style

Stuck on the top of the hill

Could it be a Beaudesert Blue?

Some that never made it

It seems smashing pumpkins can be fun!

Goodbye Goomeri.
Now we can say we've been and we've seen.


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    1. Thanks Mark! But that's the funny really wasn't most of the time! Hubba just saw the blog and said, "You make everything look good!" The ultimate compliment?

  2. we were all talking about this yesterday.. apparently CCT had bus loads there! xx

    1. Yes Michelle, we saw them! Didn't recognize anyone though.


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