Wednesday, 1 May 2013

ANZAC Day at Tin Can Bay

After watching the ANZAC Day parade in the main street we drove to
Tin Can Bay for a picnic and bike ride.
The coolest thing was seeing soldier crabs on ANZAC Day.
There were thousands and thousands.
Miss 5 thought there were a million million of them!

They both need bigger bikes!

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  1. Love the green around the bird's eyes, although he's giving you evils! That cloud is so cuddly- looking you could almost reach out and hug it!
    I think your daughter's right about the crabs- looks like there are a million million of them!

  2. It looks like a million million! I don't think I've ever seen so many.
    Love those clouds too, they look so fluffy!

  3. Wow, you've outdone yourself. Great photos. I loved those little crabs and their little balls left in the ridges.

  4. Great photos! Yup, a million million crabs. My girls would have loved that, they're obsessed with crabs.

  5. Amazing work as usual Thea! It's ages since I've been to Tin Can Bay, must get up there again, it's so beautiful. xx

  6. Awesome photos! I have always wanted to go to Tin Can Bay, it looks so beautiful. Those crabs where having their own parade, how funny!


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