Wednesday, 25 September 2013

365 Days In Nature - September 2013

  30/9 Day 273 - It was absolutely gorgeous at the beach this morning.

29/9 Day 272 - This week you'll be treated to nature photos from the Gold Coast!! You're welcome. This isn't as close as I'd like but it's the shot I've been waiting for! Taken from Greenmount Hill lookout.

28/9 Day 271 - Saturday Theme: Around Your House. The flowering trees around our house are looking lovely. Especially the jacaranda.

27/9 Day 270 - Spring is springing! New life on the Poinciana tree.

26/9 Day 269 - Can you feel the heat? It's awful here today!!

25/9 Day 268 - More bauhinias from the front garden. I love how they look like little posies.

24/9 Day 267 - There are baby mangoes galore on our tree! I hope some make it to maturity.

23/9 Day 266 - It was a tough choice today, the baby swans are almost fully grown and are such lovely subjects. I feel a separate blog post coming on...

22/9 Day 265 - You want clouds? Now we're talking...

21/9 Day 264 - Saturday Theme: Clouds. There has not been a single cloud in the sky all day. Apart from this smoke cloud.

20/9 Day 263 - Look what I noticed in the back yard this afternoon! Woohooo, I LOVE jacaranda season!!

19/9 Day 262 - And now the pink snapdragons have bloomed...yay!

18/9 Day 261 - I love long grass in the afternoon sun.

17/9 Day 260 - There were some amazing clouds outside this afternoon. Miss 5 said it looked like God was in these clouds.

16/9 Day 259 - It's mulberry season! Who wants to bake a mulberry pie for me? My Nan used to make the best mulberry pies! I wish I got her recipe before she died.

15/9 Day 258 - One of my favourite flowers in the garden is the native jasmine. I love the colour and the delicate scent.

14/9 Day 257 - Saturday Theme: Water. The water in the canal was at low tide today.

13/9 Day 256 - Looking down the barrel of a bottlebrush.

12/9 Day 255 - What is it about Hills Hoists that kookaburras love so much?

11/9 Day 254 - The afternoon sun and a stormy sky. Shame we didn't get any dry!!

10/9 Day 253 - Our regulars were back this afternoon. They love the bauhinia flowers!

9/9 Day 252 - I didn't realize our snapdragons are blooming!

8/9 Day 251 - Back on the farm = cute calf photos!

7/9 Day 250 - Saturday Theme: Seeds.  Barley seeds in the auger ready to be milled and sent to the milking robots to feed the cows while they're being milked.

6/9 Day 249 - Another lovely wisteria in Queensland. This one on my sister-in-law's parents fence.

5/9 Day 248 - Don't you just want to take a deep breath and blow?

4/9 Day 247 - We have a number of blue tongue lizards in the yard at the moment. I've almost stood on them three times in the past two days. You can see why because of how well camouflaged they are.

3/9 Day 246 - I just went out into the garden to find a nature photo and didn't realize until I looked at them on the computer they were all similar colours! My

2/9 Day 245 - A beautiful bauhinia in our back lane.

1/9 Day 244 - Miss 5 had fun counting the pelicans at Caloundra today...there are 8, no 9, no 8...1, 2, 3, 4, 5.....!

The month in collage

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