Wednesday, 25 September 2013

FMS Photo a Day Challenge - September 2013

I've been playing along with the Photo a Day Challenge set by
for 12 whole months!

Clearly I'm addicted.
I add to this post daily
and also post the photos to
Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Facebook group.

  1. Together - It may be the first day of Spring but the water is still freezing! However both of my kids wanted to go swimming and will only swim together. So they talked each other into it, crazy kids!

2. My Name Begins With... Can you guess where I took this?

3. Lines - My husband is finally putting up a new patio balustrade...years after taking the last one down! It's not finished yet, but I'm loving the lines already.

4. Alone - This pelican is all alone on top of the light pole. There's no room for any more!

5. Here Forever - Is anything really here forever? The Glasshouse Mountains are probably going to be here for a very long time to come. Forever? Maybe.

6. Getting Ready - My little brother getting ready to officially open the 118th Beaudesert Show. I felt so nervous for him but he did a great job! YAY Farmer Gregie!!

7. White - A beautiful white rose in my Aunty Rose's garden. Yes, her name suits her should see all of her roses!!

8. Made By Me - Our darling daughter is 6 today! I made this bunting with sparkly tulle for her birthday party in the park last weekend.

9. On The Wall - Taking pride of place in the lounge room. It's our 11th anniversary this Friday.

10. Sweet - I don't have a sweet tooth, and I've never liked fairy bread. But you can't have a little girl's birthday party without it...especially heart shaped fairy bread with Nutella, can you?

11. What You Did Today - Today I taught these lovely little kids. I'm day 3 into my new job, full time Prep teacher until the end of the year. And so far...LOVING it!

12. Shadow - Today I can only see half of the moon, the rest is in shadow.

13. Unexpected - After blue skies and no rain for so long, it was quite unexpected to wake up to grey skies this morning.

14. Liquid - One of my favourite kinds, liquid that is pink and has bubbles.

15. Season - It's only the beginning of Spring, but with a forecast maximum of 33°C today, I am NOT looking forward to Summer!!

16. Frame - Sometimes nature has its own perfect frame.

17. In Front Of Me - At the Beaudesert Show last week, Lolipop the clown stopped right in front of me!

18. Vintage - In exactly one week today, it's three years since we lost my beautiful Grandma. We shared a lot of common interests and I always admired her grace and gentle nature. When my Mum told me the family had decided to give her engagement ring to me I cried. My Grandma's vintage ring (circa 1945) is my most prized sentimental possession. 

19. What Is This? When my husband was digging up the old cracked concrete at the back of the house, he found this. It was being used as reinforcement, but clearly it was used for something else originally. We've never been able to find out what. What is this?

20. In The Morning...the sun always rises.

21. Rule Of Thirds - I hope I got this right. Can you see the rule of thirds both vertically and horizontally?

22. Made Me Smile - This made me smile last night...and every night for the past 6 years. Her big brother does, too. I'm so blessed.

23. From My Childhood - This is one of my favourite childhood games, and it's still kept in its original box...albeit a bit tattered. I'm thrilled that both of my kids love to play it now as well. This game is between me and my Miss 6. As you can see, she got it in three goes!! But she did get a sneak peek before she started.

24. Space - The space where the leaves used to be.

25. H is for... homegrown.

26. Curve - I just love the graceful curve in the swan's neck.

27. WTF? What's this flower?

28. 10 O'Clock - At 10 o'clock this morning I was heading to my father-in-law's 90th birthday party at the Sunshine Coast. At 10 o'clock tonight I will still be sitting on the balcony of our holiday unit at the Gold Coast, looking at one of my favourite views...the lights of Surfers Paradise.

29. Gold - Good morning from the gorgeous GOLD Coast!!

Gold - I've been making skirts for my Relay for Life team. We are the "Gold City Girls" and we'll be wearing gold sequins galore! We should stand out in the crowd, don't you think?

30. Found - We went to the beach this morning and Miss 6 and I went searching for treasures. Here is just one that we interesting fusion of shells!!

The month of September in collage

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