Sunday, 15 September 2013

Images from the 2013 Beaudesert Show

We took Friday day off and travelled down to Beaudesert for the Show on the 6th of September.
We met up with the cousins, had a few rides, said hello to more cousins at the dairy cow judging, we waved to Farmer Gregie working in the Tin Shed, found my niece's two winning art entries, then went out to the farm for birthday celebrations.

After the cakes we all went back into the show. We saw Greg's prize winning home brew. My boy and I went on the Hurricane! We watched some ring events. Then it was Greg's big moment in officially opening the show. After the wood chop and fireworks it was time to come home, ready for another day at the farm and back into the show for the afternoon and evening on Saturday.

The 4REAL Milk team helping in the ring

On Saturday the kids I went back into the show for the afternoon and evening. We intended to go to the circus at 4:30, but the line-up at the gate was so long that we missed out. It didn't really matter, we met the other cousins and sat with them on the ring ready for the night program...the boys' was all about wheels. We saw the Beaut Ute parade, incredible motorbike jumps, Roll Over cars and the trailer derby. We also saw fireworks for the second night in a row. Then it was the main event...the smash 'em up derby.

Lolipop the clown, played by Eric Summons. Remember him? Boris the Black Knight!

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  1. Wow, that was a trip down memory lane! I havent been to the Beauy show in about 5 years!

    Great pictures!


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