Sunday, 30 November 2014

FMS Photo a Day Challenge - November 2014

I've been playing along with the Photo a Day Challenge set by
since August 2012 and haven't missed a single day.
Nope, not one day!

Now I'm back at it for another New Year.
I add to this post daily
and also post the photos to the
FMS Photo A Day Facebook group.

1. Something blue - Blue sky, blue ocean, blue paraglider...

2. I saw this! Our town gave Caitlyn from X-Factor a free welcome home concert this afternoon. It was SOOOOO good!! We also saw the Wolfe Brothers! So much awesomeness...for FREE!

3. Weather - At an outdoor concert yesterday the weather was less than ideal. Firstly it was stinking hot, 34° sitting in the sun was killer! Then the clouds rolled in and we were stormed upon, with no umbrellas just our woollen picnic blanket for protection. Fortunately the music was so good I didn't even care. Any Wolfe Brothers fans out there? They're awesome!

4. Can't live without - Pink! I must have pink in my life...and I think pink roses are perfection. Especially this one in my garden right now.

5. 8 o'clock - Making special sandwiches for Miss 7's school lunch.

6. Made me smile today - The first thing I read this morning was an email from a customer saying that she had donated the cost of her recent order to my Relay for Life team...$100! That made me smile big time!!

7. On the floor - We were lucky enough to have two wins at the annual school art auction yesterday afternoon. At the moment our two beautiful new artworks are still on the floor...but we're very much looking forward to finding special wall spaces for them in our new home sometime next year *fingers crossed*

8. A place - A place amongst the jacaranda trees.

9. Heck yes! Do I love agapanthus? Heck yes!

10. I do this every day - hang the washing...

11. A set - I love my set of little ceramic cows, they remind me my original home.

12. Normal - I know it's normal for kids to lose their teeth but she's my baby and now we have no front baby teeth in the family...that makes more than a little nostalgic. 

13. Letters - As a follow on from yesterday's photo, Miss 7 used lots of letters to write a special letter to the Tooth Fairy. She was most upset when she woke up yesterday morning to find that the tooth fairy had left money and the tooth as requested, but didn't take the letter. So we left it under her pillow again last night, with the tooth, hoping she might come back for the letter. Thankfully she did fit a second visit into her busy schedule and we have a happy little girl this morning.

14. For me - I hardly ever buy anything for me, especially clothes. But we're going to see Katy Perry in a few weeks and I wanted to buy something pretty...just for me. So I bought this and I love it, but I am a bit worried about going sleeveless for the first time since I can't remember when!!

15. Hot + Cold - It's so stinking hot today (38°C!!) that not even the little fishy ice cubes stayed cold for long, they were a puddle of water within minutes.

16. After - After last year's last minute frenzy trying to organise presents for the kids' teachers, I'm on the ball this year! I hope they like these...

17. Cooking - I do not like cooking in the kitchen in this heat, so my husband is cooking on the weber outside tonight! Yay!!

I made the Fab 9!

18. I love this - A family day out, a picnic by the beach, wading in the water, taking photos...

19. Whole - The whole tree is covered with baby mangoes. I can't wait 'til they're ripe!

20. Bright - Bright and happy!

21. Shoes - Recently I was asked to make these. I do believe they are the cutest little shoes I ever did see!

22. A favourite thing - Why is this a favourite thing? 1. It's pink! 2. It's sparkly 3. We bought it in Venice and it reminds me of that beautiful city and all the beautiful things in it every time I see it.

23. I made this! This is my fourth crochet photo this month, can you tell I'm hooked (haha!). I made this just over a year ago for my darling little Miss 7, who was 6 at the time. It's not Rudolph, because she's a girl...she's Reina the Reindeer and hasn't left her side since I put it in her hands. She even went on a sleepover last night with Miss 7 and I'm looking forward to picking them both up soon!!

24. I need to do this! Post a photo every day for FMS PAD. This is my 846th day in a row without missing a single day. Addicted much? I took this one this morning of a garden with my favourite colours just across the road from our house.

25. Time - It's that time of year again...Christmas Concert time! I can't believe there are only 1 1/2 weeks left and then another school year will be over. Where does the time go?

26. Wall - A mural on the wall in our Memorial Lane.

27. I'm thankful for to see Katy Perry on Monday night! We almost missed out...sat on the computer the day the tickets were released but couldn't get 2 together. My cousin's husband works at the entertainment centre and called me saying the 4th concert was going on sale in 5 minutes...thankful? Very!!

28. Black - Black chairs in the dining room of the restaurant we just went to for lunch.

29. So, this happened - It rained...FINALLY!!

30. I bought this! New shoes for the Katy Perry concert...then my Miss 7 wanted the same ones! That's what happens when you have kid sized feet! 

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