Sunday, 2 November 2014

Welcome Home Caitlyn Shadbolt

When local girl, Caitlyn Shadbolt, came home after coming 5th on the X-Factor our town gave her a big (free) welcome home concert! It was stinking hot, then it rained, but it was awesome!

A young band from the Australian Institute of Country Music

Another young band from the AICM

And another one...this one was called "Something in Latin" and they were so good!

A fabulous local band, "Stealing Lincoln"

Uh ohhhhh

Yep, it's The Wolfe Brothers! And it's raining!!

How 'bout those Wolfe Brothers! Awesome!!

"Are you looking at me?"

The star of the show arrived on the back of a ute with a police escort

Hello Caitlyn's mum!

Hey you!

Welcome home, Caitlyn!

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