Sunday, 11 January 2015

FMS Photo a Day Challenge - Week 2 2015

Monday 5: Square - I read square...I think, "I don't have a square to spare"... #favouriteSeinfeldquotes

Tuesday 6: Round - Yesterday I saw lots of crocheted granny squares for the daily prompt. This morning I have been working on crocheted rounds. They're going to be cute little owls. Pic of some I've done over the last few days as well.

Wednesday 7: Currently reading - I'm currently re-reading a book by my favourite author, Kate Morton. I love this on the first page of "The Distant Hours"....makes me wish "The True History of the Mud Man" was a real book that I could read also...

Thursday 8: Landscape - My landscape for most of the day...that's Maria Sharapova out there!

Friday 9: Pattern - I love the owl pattern on this fabric...hmmm, what to do with it?

Saturday 10: Hello!

Sunday 11: I see...the sea

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