Friday, 30 January 2015

FMS Photo a Day Challenge - Week 5 2015

Monday 26: Three things - Sun, surf & sand! Happy Australia Day!!

Tuesday 27: Morning - This one is an oldie, but I miss the morning sunrise on the farm.

Wednesday 28: Strange - This strange thing popped up in the backyard a few days ago. Mr Google tells me it's a Stinkhorn Fungus and apparently it smells like fresh doggy doodoo but I wasn't putting my nose anywhere near that thing to find out!

Thursday 29: Summer/Winter - Everyone loves to do this in Summer...everyone but me! I hate hot sand, being in the Summer sun and wearing swimwear!! The only time I like going to the beach is in Winter...the Queensland winter that is, which isn't really winter at all!

Friday 30: Fave food - For me they're the ultimate indulgence. Love love LOVE oysters!

Saturday 31: On top - Here we are...on top of Mt Coolum. My husband loves climbing, not so much!

Sunday 1: On my plate - Breakfast! Good morning :D

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