Saturday, 24 January 2015

FMS Photo a Day Challenge - Week 4 2015

Mon 19th - Homemade: My homemade Caesar Salad. Much better than the pre-packaged version where everything tastes like cardboard!

Tues 20th - Window: A round window in one of the local churches.

Wed 21st - In a row: At the show...

Awesome 8

Thurs 22nd - Collection: I had trouble decided whether to go with my oldest collection, or our new collection. So here's my oldest and most treasured Royal Family collection and our fairy recent vintage coloured glass collection. I have books and books and books on the British Royal Family...and scrapbooks which I spent hours and hours cutting and pasting into...and jigsaw puzzles and videos which sadly I cannot even watch any more because we don't have a video player.

Fri 23rd - Something far away: The sun, can't get much further away than that! Although sometimes it looks quite close.

Sat 24th - Play time: My Miss 7 had her two best friends over for a sleepover for the first time last night. There has been play time aplenty for the past 24 hours!!

Sun 25th - Black + White: An old dining car at our local historic railway station. Ah, the romance of yesteryear...

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