Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Brand New Rose

A new rose just bloomed on our new rose bush.
These are all photos of that one rose.
It is called Chameleon, you can probably see why.

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  1. I love the chameleon rose. I had it in a garden once, but don't have it here. Have one similar. It is a sight when the bush is full of different colours.

  2. This is really pretty! I love how it changes colour. I haven't got a very green thumb and would never be able to grow roses.
    Prue X

  3. So beautiful! I've been searching for floral posts today, and posted one myself! Spring is definitely here! xx

  4. Thanks for linking up your stunning rose Thea. I love the chameleon rose.

    Trish - My Little Drummer Boys


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