Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Road to Boondooma and Back

On the weekend we headed west for our niece's 21st birthday party.
Here are some of the things we saw.

I love broken down old sheds and barns!
Did you guess??

Bottle trees

My sister-in-law's garden

Their backyard!

The party

Fires keeping us warm at the party

Our boy having a motorbike ride with his big cousin

Heading home

Collecting red dirt


Climbing big rocks!

Boondooma Dam Lookout

Birdlife at Boondooma Dam

Picking purple weeds

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  1. A wonderful trip beautifully captured in photos. So much variety. I love the old buildings, the emus and the bottle trees. Must have been a great weekend.

  2. every photo is perfection! I love the country so much!

  3. These pictures tell a story of a trip that was thoroughly enjoyed by all of you. You've gotta love those sheds...gorgeous!

  4. Great pics - I'd love to have the chance to go on a country photography trip!

  5. I really enjoyed looking at your photos. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  6. Stunning photos. I Love them all

  7. Wonderful series of photos Thea, I love the old sheds and the kookaburra.

    Thanks for linking up !
    Trish - My Little Drummer Boys

  8. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!
    We did have a wonderful trip. :)

  9. So much to see and so many photo opportunities. You were really out in the wide open spaces. Looked like a great country party :)

  10. beautiful photos! My fave are the ones of the wheat (grass?) - lovely!


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