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365 Days of Man's Mark on the World - May 2014

At the beginning of 2013 I began a 365 Project called 365 Days In Nature.
This year I'm continuing that one and starting a new one called 365 Days of Man's Mark on the World.
My goal is to take a photo of something man made every day for the whole year.
I've started a Facebook group to share our photos.
If you want to join us, you can find us here... 365 Days of Man's Mark on the World

Day 121 - 1st May - Windows/Chimneys/Doorways - Another church window.

Day 122 - 2nd May - Windows/Chimneys/Doorways - The doorway into my husband's work. Although only the "customers" use this entrance.

Day 123 - 3rd May - Jewellery - My very first jewellery was given to me for my baby brooch and bracelet.

Day 124- 4th May - Jewellery - My old charm bracelet with my favourite charm.

Day 125 - 5th May - Jewellery - I don't have an eternity ring because I have very small hands and didn't want to wear three rings on one finger. So I have this instead. My husband bought it for me when I was pregnant with our second child. I call it my family ring and wear it on my right hand.

Day 126 - 6th May - Jewellery - Some pretty earrings I made a few years ago. I used to love making jewellery...but haven't done it for ages.

Day 127 - 7th May - Jewellery - My most sentimental piece of Grandmother's engagement ring in its original box.

Day 128 - 8th May - Jewellery - My favourite earrings. My husband bought these for me for Christmas a few years ago. He did good!!

Day 129 - 9th May - Jewellery - I have to finish with my most precious words necessary...

Day 130 - 10th May - Power Poles/Lines - I was really annoyed when this power pole was right in the middle of my sunset shot...but when I saw what I got, I think it made the shot!

Day 131 - 11th May - Power Poles/Lines - I usually avoid power poles and lines like the plague when I'm happy snapping so this week will be a fun challenge...trying to make them look good! Here's one from outside my mother-in-law's new house. It doesn't look too bad with a blue sky background, a few plants to frame it and ok composition, does it? Or am I kidding myself and it's still just an ugly old power pole?

Day 132 - 12th May - Power Poles/Lines - Three power poles on the way to Kilkivan...but they're more like power towers!

Day 133 - 13th May - Power Poles/Lines - Power lines making the perfect perch for this pretty little Rainbow Bee-eater.

Day 134 - 14th May - Power Poles/Lines - A pretty street in our town, with power lines!

Day 135 - 15th May - Power Poles/Lines - I was amazed to see this outside a while ago, the vapour trails were almost an exact copy of the power lines.

Day 136 - 16th May - Power Poles/Lines - To finish the theme for the week...more birds on a wire...this time fig birds.

Day 137 - 17th May - Gates/Fences/Barns - Now this is a gate! This place is hidden way off the road at Cedar Pocket, it's a trek over rough gravel road to get there. Not sure what's behind the gate...

Day 138 - 18th May - Gates/Fences/Barns - The old barn on the farm through the barb-wire fence. This is the original building, my uncle lived in the barn before the house was moved to the farm. The rusty roof has recently been replaced with a new one...I liked the rusty one better!

Day 139 - 19th May - Gates/Fences/Barns - I loved this quirky gateway on the road to Kin Kin, especially because my maiden name is Dennis...

Day 140 - 20th May - Gates/Fences/Barns - There's an old barn on the way to Imbil that I've always loved and have wanted to photograph for ages. So yesterday, when my boy was home with me, I used this theme as the perfect excuse to go for a drive to snap it. I wasn't exactly sure I'd find it, but I did! It was an hour round trip! There was another photographer capturing it when we found it and my boy said, "Maybe she's in your group!!"

Day 141 - 21st May - Gates/Fences/Barns - The front gates to our school.

Day 142 - 22nd May - Gates/Fences/Barns - A brand new barn...the free stall barn on the farm.

Day 143 - 23rd May - Gates/Fences/Barns - The sun going down over a gateway on the farm.

Day 144 - 24th May - "In the Pink" - I loved this cute pink elephant on one of the kiddie rides at the show last weekend.

Day 145 - 25th May - "In the Pink" - One of my favourite masks from Venice.

Day 146 - 26th May - "In the Pink" - Pretty pink shoes. These make me wish I was a kid again!

Day 147 - 27th May - "In the Pink" - This pink house is three doors down from ours.

Day 148 - 28th May - "In the Pink" - I was "in the pink" on our wedding pink wedding dress.

Day 149 - 29th May - "In the Pink" - Pink! My favourite tipple.

Day 150 - 30th May - "In the Pink" - Finishing off pink week with a BANG!

Day 151 - 31st May - Letter/Mail/Post Boxes - On a recent drive home from Kin Kin I made my husband stop numerous times to snap the cool/quirky mail boxes on that road. So I'll be posting them all week.

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