Monday, 19 May 2014

The Gympie Show ~ 2014

We were lucky to win a family season pass to the show in the school Christmas raffle last year.
So we made the most of it.

Machinery Alley

On Friday morning we all went early so Miss 6 could watch her school friend dancing at 10am.
The boys went for a walk to Machinery Alley while we went to The Pavillion to see the dancers.
My 9 year old boy and I went on the Whizzer!
Miss 6 had a go on the clowns, the ducks, and then had her very first pony ride.
We walked through the animal nursery on our way out.

Our school won the school display

Crazy people!

We went back Saturday night for the fireworks. We went to watch the rodeo first but there were no seats left. So we walked back to the grandstand and sat watching the rodeo on the big screen for an hour, waiting for the fireworks, which we loved!

The rodeo was packed!

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