Saturday, 31 May 2014

FMS Photo a Day Challenge - May 2014

I've been playing along with the Photo a Day Challenge set by
since August 2012 and haven't missed a single day.
Nope, not one day!

Now I'm back at it for another New Year.
I add to this post daily
and also post the photos to the
FMS Photo A Day Facebook group.

1. BEGINS WITH J - Jewellery! I love it...especially rings!!

2. SNACK - Mmmmm...tomato, feta & basil on rice crackers. Want some?

3. COLLECTION - Our collection of "Cars cars" as my boy used to call them when he was little. Now that he is 9 we don't get them out much any more.

4. US - The rest of my 'us'. I'm always there, just usually behind the camera. Well someone has to 'take' the photos!

5. 4PM - At 4pm I was having a nap! I just woke up!!

6. FROM DOWN LOW - Looking up at the the Wheel of Brisbane from down low.

7. TAKEN FROM ABOVE - The same wheel as yesterday's photo...this time I'm in it snapping beautiful Brisbane taken from above.

8. BLUE - I'm married to a man in blue!

9. FAVOURITE - Our favourite thing to do when we get a rare day off together is go for a lunch date. We tried a new place today, it was lovely. It's a big old homestead that was built in 1885, I love old homesteads!! I think we've found a new "favourite place".

10. IN THE GARDEN - Miss 6 spied this lovely little Spotted Dove in the garden nicking twigs...SPRUNG!

11. MOTHER - I have never ever seen "Mummy" written like this before. My darling little Miss 6 (and my special big 9 year old boy) make it Mother's Day for me every day...well...most days... Happy Mother's Day mums!!

12. READY - A little parcel ready for a (hopefully) happy customer.

13. I SPY - I spy pretty pink flowers in my mother-in-law's new garden.

14. LINES - Lots of power lines and power towers!

15. FROM WHERE I WALK - From where I walk the kids to school, I see beautiful roses in the neighbour's yard.

16. CREATE - I love to create! I've created wedding dresses, kids clothes, beanies, scarves, jewellery, stubbie coolers, Facebook groups (Ha!). This is my latest creation, I finished it today.

Amazing 8

17. BAG - I LOVE my new camera bag! It's not a 'real' camera bag, just a regular bag, but it is perfect! It's another Bluebird...I think I'm hooked...

18. SOMETHING I DREW - One of my many hobbies is drawing dresses. This is an old one, I haven't done it for awhile...might have to get the sketch pad out again.

19. ALONE - It might look like my husband is all alone on the beach but he isn't...I'm there too! And a couple of rudie nudies behind us...don't ask. 

20. WAITING - Waiting for her very first pony ride at the local show.

21. CARD - Pick a card, any card...

22. FREE - Free entertainment and fun for the whole family...our new fire on the front patio!

23. BLACK + WHITE - My favourite kind of black + white.

24. SUNRISE - I wasn't too happy about being woken by Miss 6 before 6 a few weeks ago...until I saw this...

25. NEIGHBOURHOOD - In my neighbourhood there a pretty houses and beautiful gardens.

26. PET - Technically, we have no pets. But this lovely boy has decided to live with us for a while. His real owners close by brought a very large and scary German Shepherd into their yard and poor Simba is terrified of it. So we're looking after him. The owners know and my kids love him...mostly. I think he's absolutely beautiful.

27. MEAL - The best thing about left-overs is you can have two yummy meals and only cook once. Last night's dinner and today's lentil & cauliflower curry. YUM!

28. UNIQUE - I really wanted a pretty stubbie cooler but couldn't find one anywhere, so I made some. I think they're pretty unique.

29. NEGATIVE SPACE - I'm taking a slightly different take on the prompt today. A hole is negative space, right? In a sculpture at the Noosa Botanic Gardens, there was a hole carved into the marble in the shape of a tiny staircase. It's just big enough to put your arm through and wave. I'll put another photo of my son's hand on the other side in the comments.

30. SIDE VIEW - The side view of my pegs on the clothes line...not all my pegs are pink...really!

31. SUNSET - A recent sunset from my backyard with an amazing swirl of orange clouds.

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  1. I think you are my twin on the other side of the globe. ;) loving all your blogs/posts ect. Btw I have a "difficult" 6 y/o boy. I'll be back to visit often!


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